BILLY VASS – “Alexander The Great” new single

alexander the great

BILLY VASS, Kostas Katsanevas, Gontikakis Kostas and friends released a new explosive and emotion-generating single titled “Alexander The Great”

Spider Music has imagine that right now the world could use some fresh inspiration to fight our way through these difficult times. They strongly believe we all can find that motivation in music, so today they offer us a shot of energy in the explosive and emotion-generating sound that is epic symphonic metal and present “Alexander the Great,” a brand new work by composer Κώστας Γοντικάκης – Gontikakis Kostas.

An international all-star team brings this story to life. Gontikakis entrusted the lyrics of his evocative composition to Kostas Katsanevas, whose masterful storytelling ability matches the music perfectly. Gus Dibelas of Fallen Arise Band provides the orchestration and programming that brings the “epic” to the term epic symphonic metal in this song. And of course, there can be no epic musical storytelling without epic vocals, and renowned New York-born/Athens-based veteran metal singer Billy Vass, lead singer for Terra Incognita, brings the entire composition to life with his phenomenal range and power, all recorded skillfully by Bob Katsionis of Sound Symmetry Studio. Vass’ delivery is both operatic and powerful, and transports the listener back centuries to the battlefields of the ancient world. Rhythm and solo guitarist Antonis Tzortis, aside from supplying his substantial instrumental talents to the recording, mixed and mastered the final product of Gontikakis’ visionary use of orchestra instruments, guitars, and heavy drums. The end result is a piece musical art that could very well be the centerpiece of a rock opera.

Billy Vass | Alexander The Great | Official Audio Release©


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