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Captain Blackbeard “SonicForces”, Album Review


The Swedish Captain Blackbeard demonstrate their maturity and entertain with this melodic rock albumtitled “Sonic Forces”

Captain Blackbeard is a Swedish melodic rokc band that seems to be happy sailing 80´s seas. The new album “Sonic Forces” caught our attention. with that Back to the Future related art.  Sometimes we carried away and when we walk into a record store (if there is still one) or a library qe buy the product because we like the cover or back cover and sometimes we hit the mark..

The “black beards” started out in 2011 they did it hard with a self-titled album, for example the prestigious magazine Classic Rock proclaimed them the best album of the year and they began to telephonize great mythical groups like Rainbow, House of Gentlemen

Its first vocalist had the voice of a woman named Sakaria (not to be confused with the Colombian from the Colombian Waka Waka) replaced later, when the producer of the huge band HEAT appeared , by a bad boy named Martin who changed the paths of the group, taking him down even more vintage roads & nbsp; and signing his new release which I come to tell you about ..

I think if I am not mistaken, he is trying to create a danceable style (record from the 80s) and his lifelong AOR, the combination that at first glance can be a disaster of the pego, noting that behind the scenes there is a high production that it gives strength and vigor to the disc.

They begin with “Headlights” where the voice of Martin Holsner shines above all and the synthesizers so hated by some but that solve the equation favorably. & nbsp;

They don’t stop putting charcoal in the machine with “Lights and Shadows” that are getting closer to the “dance” moment. & nbsp;

If you had any doubts about the title of the new cut “Disco Volante” they leave us silent, they want us to move the skeleton, don’t stand still, throw pa’lante and don’t forget to applaud from your balcony or window that in these times comforts.

And it gets dark with “Nights”, satin nights, fat moon, AOR 100% without bored without stop, without breath, the group is at ease they know that their producer Dave Dalone he is effectively pulling the strings and matching piece by piece to the one he did in “Midnight Cruise”.

And it arrives & nbsp; the final part of the album which is where the best of the album is with “Gotham City” where the passion for comics is reflected in the lyrics of the song itself and “Empitness”.

On April 24 it will be available under the German label AOR Heaven and I think it is a good opportunity to get nostalgic that it is still in fashion. Apparently going back to the past is a way of carving out the future for us. Although some understand it differently, to revive the 80s is to relive the authentic, the singular, the different, in a current society where everything is more uniform and global.

Captain Blackbeard strives to make us feel comfortable with his music, reviewing the state of happiness that living in the 80s meant to us and since they want to continue growing, it would be a shame if they were forgotten.




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