THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER “Verminous”, album review


THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER stay killing hard with their Melodic Death Metal on this new album called “Verminous” 

A murder is always news, an event that cannot go unnoticed, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, its name is due to the fact of this crime and it serves to demonstrate its worth, this time they do it with “Verminous”, the attack is done .

With two decades of existence, originating from Michigan, specifically from the city of Detroit, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER create a Melodic Death Metal that has an admirable and superb condition and aptitude. Theof the ninth album, makers”Verminous” are Brian Eschbach, on rhythm and backing vocals,Trevor Strnad, on lead vocals, Max Lavelle, on bass, Alan Cassidy, on drums, and Brandon Ellis on lead guitar. This work will be released at the end of this April with the support of Metal Blade Records. The album was recorded in The Shred Light District, in New Jersey, by the band and by Mr. Ellis, owner of the place, in addition to the percussions recorded by ex-bassist Ryan “Bart” Williams atstudios. The Pipeyard from Plymouth in the original town of the gang. Then it is mixed by Tue Madsen and mastered by Alan Douches. The splendid cover was created by Juanjo Castellano who has worked for the Burgos band MASS BURIAL or the bands SORCERY and REVEL IN FLESH, his motley and profuse style is very remarkable.

With a span of two years of production, remember that in two thousand seventeen we were given “Nightbringers”, which was sensational and withering, but this extends and invades with “Verminous”, a solid album for which we have a demanding criteria with the Death Metal, without hesitation. Each record contains elements forged in its grotesque-extravagant harmonious base faithful portrait of the records of its creepy and monstrous inventory. 

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, is decisive in her interpretations, her excellent chords are balanced with a brutal technique that has matured with form has given us her works, becoming an almost standard model for new bands and inspiring the genre that has given her a lot popularity and notoriety.

Their vocalist Mr. Strnad has talked about “Verminous” to a digital medium like this: “I think it is the biggest evolutionary leap we have ever taken between albums. We fanned the creative fires in 2017 with “Nightbringers” and now we have gone much further in “Verminous”.It is a very colorful, personable and charismatic album that experiments with new sounds and ideas without losing the edge of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. There are many minimal details to digest. It is riddled with hidden surprises woven during the creation of each song Each is a living and pulsating entity that will have value in itself as part of the best music we have ever created”.

“Verminous” is everything we understand and illustrate of the American band, their twisted and lilting technique of Melodic Death Metal, we have a great finished product that starts with, “Verminous” accelerated riffs with the mix of what is Thrash and Death Fundamental metal, for something was his presentation theme, forcefulness to start this album without limit. 

“Godlessly”, a simple but effective melodic tremolo, loading and rhythmic, the changes are as showy as the combinations of strings with choirs and superb voices. 

“Removal of the Oaken Stake”, with a compact and compact tendency in its provocation both in its lyrics and its sonority, the strength of its flat sounds exalts it in a magnificent way, to start the mosh pit without any compassion. 

“Child of Night”, the second single with a thunderous change of rhythm, long chords decreasing the ferocity a bit but also biting, delightful the harmonies of the guitars by the different and overlapping sections with an admirable technique trend. 

“Sunless Empire”, from the beginning of a suspended track gives way to power staged in calm but forceful riffs,solo Mr. Brandon’s contains a passionate and enthusiastic register that reminds us of how good a musician he is, it will be recorded in our neurons for forever. 

“The Leather Apron’s Scorn”, long over time for its medium rhythms with neat and sharp riffs,voice over Mr. Strnad’s is unquestionable. 

“How Very Dead”, the trademark registration of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, the recognizable melodies of what they have given us with a lot of character, exposing the insinuation that what they provide us is Extreme Metal of quality, speed, energy and firmness in set. 

“The Wereworm’s Feast”, its beginning with a guitar solo by Mr. Brandon, gives way to a testimony of the original song and the annihilating cause, musically charged with tribulation and weighing theof beginning”Verminous”, the best song for me for ease of execution and skill and of course without leaving traces. 

“A Womb in Dark Chrysalis (Interlude)”, a nymph is delicate and weak, but then she will give way to a beautiful being or not, with an acoustic guitar they give us this marvel of tune of only forty-seven seconds. 

“Dawn of Rats”, the latest impulse intensified with vehemence, anger and a lot of passion, because also fleas or bugs have their frenzy and preference, bringing the resemblance to this track that ends with the message that THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER remains and extends their existence as these beings who are always there and although we do not see them they are always present. 

The intention of “Verminous” is to give us ten successful songs, even with a flash of disillusionment frustration for his followers who always want a complete death, but it can be objected that the brutality has its outcome with the aim that these songs will stay longer in our extreme retentiveness. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER can be criticized for having lost its heartbreaking potential, but the indecision to keep its ardent supporters satisfied without losing their courage with no option of exasperation.

Polemizing the vitality and persistence of their sound style, with the rise of bands that are similar, such as INFERI or AETHERE, are secondary groups, not the main ones, with all due respect, born from THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER that will never sound archaic or fainted.

They are the rulers, sovereign in their way, to supplant them is a future that will be difficult, presumably their posterity is long and prosperous.


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