BABYMETAL, online concerts this weekend


BABYMETAL informs that it will hold two online concerts this weekend, it will be on April 10 and 11 and these are the links on YouTube

Dowe to the situation of COVID-19 worldwide, it It is giving the tendency and inventiveness to carry out concerts online, since face-to-face until further notice is impossible.

Although the stability is recovered in some places, in most countries it is possible to get out of the difficulty little by little, so much so that some artists dare to give dates for possible presentations starting in the summer. And the online ones are a good source to give a protected leisure and without danger of contagion, pulling a newspaper archive or coordinating with the other musicians from their residences, giving us good exhibitions of Metal music.

The applauded and cheered Japanese bandare now joining this initiative or project BABYMETAL. Conformed by Suzuka Nakamoto and Moa Kikuchi, they have announced through their social networks that this weekend they will offer two virtual concerts. This project has the name of “Stay Home, Stay Metal”. It will consist of two concerts that were previously recorded at the Tokyo Dome stadium in the city of the same name, on dates of theirtour Legend Metal Resistance four years ago.

The Japanese duet commented that these virtual concerts will be divided into two days. April 10 will be the first and will be presented as “The Red Night”, and the second one day later, on April 11, it will be named “The Black Night”. Both will be broadcast on their official YouTube channel. (Be vigilant because they are dates of your country, Japan).

Recall that last year they released their album “Metal Galaxy”, which received good reviews worldwide and that already had a Tour with several dates of presentations, including Spain where they have not yet trodden. So let’s see when these difficult moments pass, how this data will be maintained or changed, but without a doubt we will always have BABYMETAL in some way among us, because they have been in existence for a decade.


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