Thy Art Is Murder Unleashes Ferocious New Single ‘Keres’ and Announces Album ‘Godlike’

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Australian Metal Titans Thy Art Is Murder Roar to Life with Blistering Anthem ‘Keres’ Preceding the Imminent Arrival of Their Anticipated Album ‘Godlike’

Australia’s formidable metal powerhouse, Thy Art Is Murder, has just unleashed their commanding new single, “Keres” – a tantalizing glimpse into the forthcoming album “Godlike,” slated for release on September 15 under the Human Warfare label. Secure your pre-order for “Godlike” now.

This colossal death metal anthem, “Keres,” encapsulates an electrifying fusion of bone-shattering verses, monumental stomping choruses, an urgent and blistering guitar solo, and the dominating vocals of frontman CJ McMahon, ruthlessly embedding its hooks deep into your psyche.

“Keres” undoubtedly shines within the extensive Thy Art Is Murder repertoire, and guitarist Andy Marsh enthusiastically explains the band’s eagerness to share it with the world:

“Seldom do we experience such an exhilarating level of anticipation for unveiling a fresh single to the global stage. ‘Keres’ stands as a metal anthem that marries grinding verses and earth-shaking choruses, simplifying some of the intricacies that might have previously obstructed our pursuit of delivering a track of this magnitude. In ancient Greek mythology, the Keres represented malevolent spirits that feasted upon the deceased but abstained from engaging in acts of violence. We believe this characteristic resonates as much in the realm of news and politics as it did on those ancient battlefields.”

Witness the force of Thy Art Is Murder in action with “Keres.”

Ascending through the ranks of extreme metal with a meteoric underground ascent reminiscent of humanity’s apparent descent into doom, Thy Art Is Murder presents “Godlike,” their newest album – an invitation for a worldwide audience to partake in a fresh Armageddon. This marks the sixth explosive addition to the band’s arsenal, firmly establishing Thy Art Is Murder as the contemporary torchbearers of death metal. Serving as a sonic backdrop to a fractured postmodern dystopia, “Godlike” propels Thy Art Is Murder into uncharted depths and dynamics without relinquishing the slightest hint of the intensity or urgency that has defined their career.

Collaborating once again with the seasoned producer and mixer, Will Putney, Thy Art Is Murder crafts a nihilistic opus across the album’s ten tracks. Mastering their craft, the band delivers piercing jabs, guttural descents, and a groove infused with raw athleticism and unwavering confidence. Frontman CJ McMahon delivers his most commanding performance yet, channeling lyrics that thematically confront the perpetuation of violence across time and the feelings of detachment in an increasingly polarized world.

Thy Art Is Murder’s thought-provoking blend of blackened death metal has consistently challenged, provoked, and inspired audiences across the globe. Through relentless dedication, the band has emerged as one of Australia’s most triumphant extreme metal exports, etching their name in history on their own terms. Bolstered by an unyielding discography, this two-time ARIA Award-nominated ensemble has shattered chart records in their homeland, becoming the first homegrown extreme metal act to debut within the Top 5 with 2017’s “Dear Desolation.”

Their electrifying and incendiary performances have propelled them across the planet, sharing stages with genre giants like Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Kreator, Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, and Parkway Drive, while also commanding pivotal festivals including Summer Breeze, Download, Graspop, and Wacken.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the Godlike realm as Thy Art Is Murder unveils their prowess this September.


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