Headspawn Counters Intolerance and Prejudice with Explosive New Single Release


Headspawn Unleashes Powerful Groove Metal Anthem ‘Everybody Hates Somebody’ from Upcoming Album ‘Parasites’

Hailing directly from the Brazilian Northeast, specifically João Pessoa, Paraíba, the band Headspawn is a prominent force in contemporary Groove Metal. They have just unveiled their latest tracks, led by the single “Everybody Hates Somebody,” a preview of their upcoming album “Parasites.”

Accompanied by a lyric video crafted by Raoni Joseph (@rjmultimidia), “Everybody Hates Somebody” stands as a powerful response to the persistent violence inflicted by certain social factions, staining humanity with abhorrent racism, intolerance, persecution due to sexual orientation or origin, and division rooted in political ideologies.

Alf Cantalice (vocals/guitar) conveyed, “On a personal note, I’ve often envisioned reciprocating the world’s plague in some form. This song channels that energy confrontationally, adorned with fierce guitar riffs that underscore the lyrical delivery, ultimately building to an incensed chorus.”

The song “Everybody Hates Somebody” encapsulates all the intensity, aggression, dynamic melody, resilience, and profound messaging that characterized “Pretty Ugly People,” their acclaimed debut EP from 2021.

J.P. Cordeiro (bass) shared, “Right from the initial riffs birthed for this track, I sensed something immensely potent was unfolding. The chorus grips your mind, exuding immense weight. I consider it one of the album’s standout pieces. Hopefully, it will usher in promising opportunities for Headspawn.”

Their highly anticipated album, “Parasites,” underwent production, mixing, and mastering by Victor Hugo Targino. It showcases clear growth in composition, unity, and innovation compared to their inaugural EP.

Alf Cantalice elaborated, “During the crafting of this album, it was a truly magical phase. Simultaneously, we were entangled in our private struggles. The arrangements and concepts emerged from that intense atmosphere. We poured our souls into this album, encapsulating our musical journeys. It’s a feast for enthusiasts of heavy music, infectious melodies, impactful choruses, and even hints of psychedelia.”

Marconi Jr. (Drums) wrapped up, “I believe ‘Everybody Hates Somebody’ brings forth weightiness, aggression, a poignant message, and a melodious vocal line. Essentially, it offers a tantalizing glimpse into what awaits across the 10 tracks of our album.”

Critics fortunate enough to preview “Parasites” are unanimous in declaring its distinctiveness, coupled with elevated technical finesse and vitality. The band members’ exceptional performances meld together to form a robust contribution to the realm of Brazilian Metal.

Headspawn’s earlier releases, “Pretty Ugly People” (EP/2021) and “Pretty Ugly People Live” (EP/2022), earned accolades from fellow musicians and journalists, including the likes of Jairo Guedz (The Troops Of Doom, ex-Sepultura), Marcelo Pompeu (Korzus), and Leandro Caçoilo (Viper, Caravellus), among others.

Mark your calendars for November 17th when “Parasites” will grace all digital platforms. The band is also contemplating physical releases in the near future.


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