PRIMAL FEAR ‘Code Red’ Album Release and Tour Kickoff

pimal fear code red

PRIMAL FEAR’s Epic Journey: European Tour Just a Week Away, Coinciding with the Electrifying Release of ‘Code Red’ Album

In one week, German metal commandos PRIMAL FEAR will embark on an 8-date European run (worldwide dates — incl. shows in Latin America & Japan — can be found below!) in support of their upcoming sonic statement titled »Code Red«

The phoenix rising from the ashes has long been a recurring theme in cultural history, but seldom has it found a more fitting embodiment than in the triumphant resurgence of PRIMAL FEAR. This time, it’s an eagle of steel that emerges from the ashes. Their 13th studio album, “Code Red,” is both a rebirth and an intense lesson in metal, a testament to music’s healing power and the unity behind the riffs. On “Code Red,” these German power-metal veterans offer their career’s pinnacle, even surpassing the strength of 2020’s impressive “Metal Commando.” PRIMAL FEAR has indeed risen from the dead.

Producer Mat Sinner’s journey of revival takes center stage with “Code Red.” After battling a grave illness, he fought his way back to the light, capturing his life and passion with unwavering stamina and determination. This album was his musical path back to normalcy, a transformative experience that marked his return to creativity in the studio alongside his fellow bandmates. The energy is palpable in the album, a testament to PRIMAL FEAR’s biting return, embodying resilience and defiance. Mat Sinner’s victory over the Grim Reaper is portrayed in the album’s rebirth theme, a resolute testament that life is too short for subpar music. Although he’s not yet where he used to be, every day marks a step forward. As he humorously puts it, “You just can’t win Formula 1 with a VW Beetle.”

With 25 years after their legendary debut and three years after the success of “Metal Commando,” PRIMAL FEAR roars back with “Code Red,” presenting a zeitgeist manifesto that asserts power metal’s lasting significance. Vocalist Ralf Scheepers, bassist/singer Mat Sinner, guitarists Tom Naumann, Alex Beyrodt, and Magnus Karlsson, and drummer Michael Ehré provide eleven compelling reasons why power metal remains indomitable. They are the torchbearers keeping the genre’s flame alive.

“Code Red” was meticulously crafted in Kempten, where most of the recording was conducted, except for Ralf’s vocals, recorded in his personal studio. The album underwent a harmonious and creative process, further enhanced by Jacob Hansen in Denmark. The result, even in its raw form, was so potent that any other band might have released it immediately. But PRIMAL FEAR isn’t just any band; they recognize the importance of perfecting their craft.

Ralf Scheepers’ vocal prowess is a dominating force, an undulating primal scream that gains strength with age. His performance on this album is regarded as his best by Mat Sinner, who took care to accentuate the vocals. From the thunderous anthem “Another Hero” to the riff-laden storm of “Bring That Noise” and the resonant ‘Their Gods Have Failed,’ PRIMAL FEAR draws from their impressive legacy, reinvigorating power metal’s former glory. Tracks like ‘Deep In The Night’ and ‘Cancel Culture’ reveal their range, addressing serious subjects with unflinching resolve. The album title “Code Red” mirrors the tumultuous state of the world, reflecting the urgency in its themes. Despite these pressing concerns, “Code Red” emerges as a triumphant testament to life’s victory over death, a rejuvenating force within the tempestuous realm of power metal.


»Code Red« European Tour – Part 1
Presented by Radio Bob!, Metal Hammer, Rock It!, Metaltix,
musix, Level10Music, Break Out, ITM & Atomic Fire

01.09.2023 DE Stuttgart – Im Wizemann (Halle)
02.09.2023 DE Memmingen – Kaminwerk
03.09.2023 DE Naila – Frankenhalle
05.09.2023 DE Munich – Backstage (Werk)
06.09.2023 DE Bochum – Zeche
07.09.2023 DE Frankfurt – Batschkapp
09.09.2023 CH Sion – Le Port Franc
10.09.2023 CH Pratteln – Konzertfabrik Z7

Venus Concerts proudly presents:
»Code Red« Latin American Tour 2023
21.10.2023 BR São Luís – Maranhão Open Air
26.10.2023 BR Curitiba – Tork ‘n Roll
28.10.2023 BR Limeira – Mirage Eventos
31.10.2023 AR Buenos Aires – Arena Sur
01.11.2023 CL Santiago – Blondie Club
04.11.2023 CR San José – Pepper Club
05.11.2023 CO Bogotá – Ace of Spades-club
07.11.2023 PE Lima – CC Festiva
10.11.2023 MX Monterrey – Mexico Metal Fest

»Code Red« Japan Tour 2024
30.01.2024 JP Tokyo – Spotify O-East
31.01.2024 JP Nagoya – Club Quattro
01.02.2024 JP Osaka – Umeda Club Quattro


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