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Alice Cooper Unveils His 29th Studio Album ‘Road’ – A Candid Journey into the Heart of the Artist’s Stage Life

Incomparable shock rock master Alice Cooper makes a triumphant return with his 29th studio album, “Road,” offering an unfiltered glimpse into his life on stage. Released six years after “Paranormal,” this album captures Cooper in his natural element, showcasing his live band’s prowess as they navigate the highs and lows of the touring musician’s experiences.

Produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin, “Road” exudes the energy of a live performance. Cooper’s current band lineup, featuring guitarists Nita Strauss, Ryan Roxie, and Tommy Henriksen, alongside bassist Chuck Garric and drummer Glen Sobel, forms a solid backdrop that could potentially usher in a fresh, theatrical era while embracing a groundbreaking setlist.

The album kicks off boldly with “I’m Alice,” an energetic musical autobiography that captures Cooper’s iconic personality. The song is a joyful homage to his past while asserting his present-day presence.

Following is “Welcome to the Show,” a punchy and carefree rock anthem, a perfect concert opener. Alice’s unique delivery invites listeners to revel in the excitement of a live performance. The song cleverly references Cooper’s persona and his devoted audience.

The third track, “All Over The World,” channels a jam session vibe reminiscent of Status Quo or The Rolling Stones, proudly highlighting Cooper and his band’s global impact. It could well be titled, “We Rock Big Time and You Know It!”

“Dead Don’t Dance” delves into darker territory with a gritty blues-metal sound. Cooper’s raspy vocals and passionate delivery convey depth within the album’s narrative, underscored by eerie tones and enveloping instrumental layers.

“White Line Frankenstein” arrives with a special appearance by Tom Morello, showcasing Cooper’s ability to seamlessly blend old and new. The song’s mix of classic and modern rock elements, including riffs and solos, creates a powerful sonic blend anchored by the ubiquitous figure of Alice Cooper.

With a touch of sarcasm, “Go Away” addresses the theme of stalkers. The catchy melody contrasts with the sinister theme, while Cooper’s playful attitude adds intriguing nuances, enriching the album’s seemingly simple concept.

“Big Boots” displays Cooper’s lyrical prowess as he narrates a romantic encounter with a truck stop waitress. The lively rhythm and lively riffs create an engaging atmosphere, drawing us into the story with an irresistible “Ghouls Gone Wild” vibe.

“Rules Of The Road” offers valuable advice for budding musicians. Set to a smooth Wonders-style background, Cooper’s confident vocals exude wisdom as he shares insights on navigating the music industry. Catchy choruses and vibrant energy make this one of the album’s standout tracks.

“The Big Goodbye” pays homage to Cooper’s 1980s and early ’90s metal era, echoing the distinct sound of that period. It’s a reflection on the passage of time and a nod to the artist’s enduring legacy.

“Road Rats Forever” presents a classic ’70s hard rock cut dedicated to Cooper’s road crew.

“Baby Please Don’t Go” shifts to a more introspective tone, with Cooper delivering a melancholic acoustic ballad. His emotive vocals take center stage, conveying vulnerability that contrasts with the album’s overall energy.

“100 More Miles,” one of the album’s most theatrically potent tracks, showcases Cooper’s narrative prowess. It weaves a tale of the ups and downs of life on tour, blending spoken word elements with explosive rock instrumentation, immersing us in the emotional journey of life on the road.

Closing the album, Cooper offers his unique rendition of THE WHO’s classic hit, “Magic Bus,” putting his personal stamp on it. While it might seem unnecessary at this stage (album #29), he’s clearly doing things his way.

“Road” stands as a masterful testament to Alice Cooper’s unwavering dedication to his art and his ability to adapt and evolve while retaining his roots. With its diverse themes and musical styles, the album takes listeners on a journey reflecting the multifaceted nature of life on tour. Throughout the work, musical and narrative contrasts mirror the true essence of life on the road.

Cooper and his band have skillfully captured the spirit of the road while asserting their musical prowess, marking a career that is nearing its thirtieth studio album with undeniable vigor.

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album-review-alice-cooper-roadAlice Cooper's 29th studio album "Road" offers an unfiltered journey into his life on stage, exuding energy and theatrical flair. With a blend of rock anthems and introspective ballads, the album captures the essence of touring musicians' experiences. Cooper's distinctive vocals and his band's solid performance make this release a captivating testament to his enduring rock legacy.


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