Temple Balls announce new album “Avalanche” 

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Temple Balls: Rocking the Stage and Studio with Electrifying Energy and New Single ‘Trap’

In their newest single, “Trap,” the band asserts, “These days they talk a lot about reforming Rock n’ Roll. We’re not here to reform anything. We would rather rev the old engine so to speak. Comparing this to cars; it’s that some people like to drive these modern day electric cars while we preferably cruise the old V8 machines with style. There’s nothing wrong with either of these styles. This is just what works for us and we hope other people like it too.”

Hailing from Finland, Temple Balls is an energetic hard rock powerhouse that has been making waves both in the studio and on the stage. Their electrifying live performances have seen them share stages with esteemed acts such as Sonata Arctica, Queen, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heep. Regardless of the venue size, from large festivals to local clubs, Temple Balls delivers a scorching show that ignites the crowd’s enthusiasm and transforms them into fervent believers.

The band’s journey began with their inaugural single, “Hell and Feelin’ Fine,” which garnered significant airplay on Finnish Radio Rock after its release in September 2016. Their debut album, recorded at Karma Sound Studios (Thailand) in May 2016, saw the light of day on February 24, 2017. Produced by Tobias Lindell, known for collaborations with Europe, Mustasch, and H.E.A.T., the album marked a promising start. The fall of 2017 witnessed a sold-out tour across Finland, along with the band’s first appearances in Japan and Ukraine.

Their second album, “UNTAMED,” dropped on March 8, 2019, receiving rave reviews from music media like Soundi and Burrn! magazines. Accompanied by a European tour supporting Sonata Arctica, Temple Balls solidified their reputation as an exceptional live act. The release of their third album, “PYROMIDE,” under Frontiers, showcased their melodic hard rock prowess, thanks to the production of Jona Tee. The album brimmed with hooks, captivating rhythms, and anthemic rock ‘n roll that resonated with audiences worldwide.

In May 2022, the band embarked on a successful three-week European tour with Swedish melodic metal giants H.E.A.T. The festival season in Finland followed suit, keeping their momentum alive. The lead single, “Strike Like A Cobra,” from their upcoming fourth album, “AVALANCHE,” was unveiled to an enthusiastic response from both fans and media. Anticipation now builds as the band concludes work on their fourth album, “AVALANCHE,” set to release in the fall of 2023. Their latest single, “No Reason,” dropped on June 22nd and has been met with global acclaim.

Here’s a sneak peek into the track listing for “AVALANCHE”:

  1. All Night Long
  2. Trap
  3. Lonely Stranger
  4. Stand Up And Fight
  5. Prisoner In Time
  6. Strike Like A Cobra
  7. No Reason
  8. Northern Lion
  9. Dead Weight
  10. Stone Cold Bones
  11. Avalanche


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