WARMEN first digital single & lyric video released


Powerhouse Finnish Band WARMEN Unveils Highly Anticipated Album ‘Here For None’ with New Lineup and Spectacular Surprises

Introducing the highly anticipated upcoming album from the renowned Finnish powerhouse WARMEN, featuring Janne Wirman of CHILDREN OF BODOM fame. Titled “Here For None,” the album is set to be released worldwide by REAPER ENTERTAINMENT on August 18th, 2023, promising a host of exciting surprises.

To kickstart the excitement, the band has unveiled their eagerly awaited first single, “Warmen Are Here For None,” now available on all major streaming platforms. The accompanying lyric video for the song was skillfully crafted by René Berthiaume of EQUILIBRIUM, adding a touch of visual excellence.

Janne Wirman shares his exhilaration, stating, “I am personally thrilled to finally unleash new music from our fresh lineup! This signifies a brand new chapter in the Warmen saga, and we cannot wait to share the rest of the album with you and perform these songs live!”

René Berthiaume adds, “Creating the lyric video for WARMEN was an absolute honor for me, as I have been a fan and admirer of the talented musicians involved for many years. The concept behind the cover artwork was captivating, and it was truly enjoyable to bring it to life in a three-dimensional setting.”

“Here For None” will be released in various formats, including colored vinyl, CD-Digipak, and digital versions. You can pre-order the album now at [website: www.reapermusic.de].

HERE FOR NONE marks the dawning of a new era, staying true to the adage “The king is dead, long live the king.” WARMEN not only ventures into fresh, heavier musical territories but also assumes the mantle of Janne’s former band in a spectacular manner, thanks to the new lineup.

Janne expresses his contentment, saying, “I will always be Janne from Bodom, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I embrace my past and don’t feel the need to conceal it. I see it as a positive aspect for WARMEN.” Acknowledging his esteemed reputation and the attention he garners in the music scene, Janne, alongside his brother Antti Wirman and longtime friend Jyri Helko, has recruited Seppo Tarvainen on drums and the talented Petri Lindroos of ENSIFERUM on vocals, forging HERE FOR NONE into a true masterpiece of Melodic Death Metal!

The band will also pay homage to this legacy through live performances at select events, including the Summer Breeze Open Air release show. In the meantime, fans can immerse themselves in the intensely diverse yet harmoniously coherent sounds of HERE FOR NONE, solidifying its position as the new benchmark for melodic heaviness hailing from Finland!


  1. Warmen Are Here For None
  2. The Driving Force
  3. A World Of Pain
  4. Too Much, Too Late
  5. Night Terrors
  6. Hell On Four Wheels
  7. The End Of The Line
  8. Death’s On Its Way
  9. The Cold Unknown Bonus:
  10. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

WARMEN lineup:

  • Janne Wirman: Keyboards
  • Petri Lindroos: Vocals
  • Antti Wirman: Guitars
  • Jyri Helko: Bass
  • Seppo Tarvainen: Drums


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