SIDEWALK MAFIA Release New Single ‘Hummingbird’


Unveiling “Hummingbird”: Sidewalk Mafia’s Captivating Second Single from their Upcoming Album, Showcasing Melodic Brilliance and a New Sonic Atmosphere

Introducing “Hummingbird,” the second single from Sidewalk Mafia’s highly anticipated upcoming album. This track showcases the most melodic section of the album, offering a new kind of sonic atmosphere while retaining the familiar elements and heaviness that define the band’s signature sound. The song explores a deeper sense of melancholy within its overarching themes.

According to singer-guitarist Tommy, the idea and topic for “Hummingbird” came to him during a late-night conversation with a close friend last summer. They discussed topics such as failures, wrong choices, misguided behavior, and the fear and loneliness that accompany such experiences. These discussions left a lasting impression on Tommy’s mind, and the following day, he composed the song in one sitting, deviating from his usual creative process.

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Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Sidewalk Mafia is a blackened doom metal trio known for their extremely heavy and oppressive sound, characterized by low-tuned guitars. The band was founded in 2020 by vocalist/guitarist Tommi Paroles and drummer/vocalist Johannes Wolfpathon. They released their debut full-length album, “72 Hours,” digitally in May 2022 through Sliptrick Records.


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