“Position | Momentum”: CALLIGRAM’s Caustic Celebration of Pain, Death, and Chaos


Discover unexpected joy within the depths of darkness as London-based five piece CALLIGRAM presents “Position | Momentum”

Unexpected sources can hold great joy. Upon first listen, London-based five piece CALLIGRAM’s latest release may not immediately evoke feelings of happiness. However, amidst the intense screams and dark riffs, there is much to appreciate and celebrate.

The multinational quintet chose The Parlour Studios in Kettering as their recording venue for Position | Momentum, working with Russ Russell (known for his work with NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR, AT THE GATES) during the summer of 2022. This album, following their 2020 release, The Eye Is The First Circle, maintains its relentless intensity while allowing the chaos some breathing space, ultimately shaping CALLIGRAM into an even more formidable force.

Sonically, they have honed their fusion of venomous D-beat punk and chilling black metal. The outcome is as abrasive as expected, yet the inclusion of atmospheric passages adds a claustrophobic and ominous ambiance to the proceedings. By letting in a sliver of light, the darkness is accentuated further.

Once again, Matteo Rizzardo delivers his vocals in his native Italian. Even if one does not understand the language, the essence of his messages becomes apparent. Each anguished scream encapsulates tales of pain, chaos, struggle, and anxiety. As the album progresses, a growing sense of combustibility permeates the air. However, Rizzardo clarifies that Position | Momentum is not a means of catharsis through music; it does not serve as his therapy.

Rizzardo’s hardest work occurred outside the band, as he embarked on a journey of acceptance and self-analysis. As the weight on his shoulders intensified and darkness threatened to consume him entirely, he sought to comprehend, embrace, and reclaim his darkest aspects. Position | Momentum captures his reflections on troubled times with clarity, acceptance, and yes, even joy. Looking back on his experiences with some emotional distance made the lyrical content flow effortlessly, as Rizzardo describes it as a cathartic release.

Music is often viewed as medicine, a soothing remedy for afflictions. However, CALLIGRAM intentionally crafted Position | Momentum to be the antithesis—an acerbic celebration of pain, death, and chaos.

Position | Momentum, mastered by Grant Berry, is set to be released on July 14 via Prosthetic Records. The artwork is designed by Deborah Sheedy.


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