Top 25 Rock and Metal Songs of 2022

best 2022 rock and metal songs

BEST OF ROCK AND BLOG Awards presents the list and playlists with the best Rock and Metal songs of 2022

It’s time to start our annual reviews with the BEST OF ROCK AND BLOG 2022 awards, which come in a slightly different format to what we have been doing in the past. This year we will be publishing our selection of the best in each area of Rock and Metal based on the response from the public and the national and international media. You will be able to see all here.

This year has brought us some surprises such as Metallica’s hit comeback single, who sneaked into our Top 25 Rock and Metal Songs of 2022 at the last minute. Other veterans like Ozzy, Lamb of God, Meshuggah and Slipknot also delivered noteworthy tracks as well as more melodic bands that always have a place in our hearts.

Beyond these names, I’m sure you have your favourites too, and that’s the great thing about this music. If you feel like sharing them with us, leave us a comment here or on social networks and we can include your suggestions in the playlist with the best Rock and Metal songs of 2022.

Playlists with the 25 best Rock and Metal songs of 2022

To make it easy for you and if you don’t want to read too much, here you have the complete playlist on Youtube:

Playlist on Youtube

But if you prefer to take it with you and enjoy it quietly in the car, at work or wherever, here you have the link on the main platforms with our playlist of “The 25 Best Rock and Metal Songs 2022 (according to the Best of Rock and Blog awards)”:

Top 25 Rock and Metal Song Lists of 2022.

Now that you know where to listen to it we tell you a little about each selected track:

2525- “MODERN META MEDICINE (feat. Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage)” – Anti-Flag,Jesse Leach.

Taking on the American healthcare system isn’t exactly an appealing subject for a song, but Anti-Flag are more concerned with fighting for social justice than writing catchy lyrics. That said, “Modern Meta Medicine” is pretty infectious (not in the sick sense), with lines like “Self-serve, it’s all that you can eat/ How will we pay? We are the commodity.” Throw in some powerful guest vocals from Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach, and you have a song that packs a punch both lyrically and musically.



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