Best FREE music services during Coronavirus Quarantine


We have collected this list of FREE Music Services or temporary offers that will help you to stay at home these days with the best music

We have quarantine and isolation for a while, and for this reason we will continue to accompany us all this time and look for the best options so that all this drink is as light as possible. Today we compile a series of free musical offers and services so that we lack good rock in your homes.

TIDAL (1 month free) is a high quality music streaming service that is gaining ground. With over 60 million tracks and tons of exclusive interviews and videos, TIDAL is here to bring the user closer to their favorite artists.

Youtube and Youtube Music (1 month free) too They offer us a free month to test their service, which now already has a super complete catalog and with the ease of use that YouTube gives us.

SoundCloud (1 month free) points to the free months offering a different catalog since it is a platform that many musicians use as an entry point to the market, and you can find more “indi” works and more personal projects

Amazon Music Unlimited (1 month free) offers us 50 million songs of which we can also enjoy for free 30 days. Like the rest of the services, cancellation is free and we simply have to pay attention to the renewal date.

DEEZER offers three months free for its Premium services. This platform has a very interesting AI system called FLOW that learns from your tastes , learns what you like and what you don’t and allows you to create your own soundtrack.

In addition to these and since you have time, we offer you some other services that you can explore:


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