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Today we review TESTAMENT’s thirteenth album that will be released on April 3rd and is one of the best Thrash Metal albums of this 2020

The lineage and nobility of a band is given for his good records, the followers that number in the thousands and for his successes achieved with effort. TESTAMENT is it and reinforces it with its live performances, which for a time will be expected, but which we hope will resume soon. With “Titans Of Creation” they strengthen their mission and to an enviable level for many. 

Getting record with the same lineup from the previous production that was four years ago is an achievement and its value is invaluable in these days of constant changes, Chuck Billy, in the main voices, EricPeterson,on rhythm guitar and vocals, AlexSkolnick,on lead guitar, Steve DiGiorgioon bass and Gene Hoglan on drums, havetogether since “the Brotherhood Of the Snake” and togetherhave conquered the planet. With his thirteenth album, “Titans Of Creation” certifies it.

TESTAMENT dominate and know everything about politics, social issues, stories of panic and dread, reflected in their lyrics and inspired by all the rhythms they give us in each of their songs. The best thing is that they always surprise us with each new album, this time they give us 12 new compositions that last almost an hour, 58:34 to be exact.

As each component of this world thrives and develops in all living creatures, each member of the Californian band represents a necessary element for this last musical “sweat”. Even with the forcefulness and prolongation of the success of “The Brotherhood Of The Snake” that made them unstoppable and annihilating where they passed, TESTAMENT has taken their style to the next level and present “Titans Of Creation” that is faithful to its traditional Thrash Metal roots and at the same time it contains attractive, brilliant and progressive ingredients to its followers and admirers. They externalize and deliver a bass sound along with new harmonics in the vocals and as expected complexity and fascination on the twin guitars of Mr. Peterson and Mr. Skolnick

The record label NUCLEAR BLAST sponsors them again to retake the success for the fame they seize for their matchless effort. “Titans Of Creation” was performed during their last tour allowing less tension and even anguish, they had more time and more inspiration, a lot of time free of anxiety, restlessness and restlessness for the pre-production and the preliminary recording process with the assistance of Juan Urteaga de Trident Studios of the city of London and together with Andy Sneap who mixed it in Backstage Recording also in English lands giving a highlight of perfection to the album.

Este huge product of a dozen topics begins with “Children Of The NextLevel”,all the instruments at point, good rhythm changes and riffs that complement harmonizing chords of what is good Thrash Metal, the chorus is formidable, the machinery is ready as we like and ready to respond well. 

“WWIII”, the title referring to a hypothetical Third World War is more than explicit, its lyric about war escalations and nuclear weapons is supported by thick and compact chords of devastating distortions, without restrictions to annihilate whoever hears it. 

“Dream Deceiver”, destined to crush our eardrums and with an adherent melodic chorus, together with the light voice of Mr. Billy and a guitar solo by Mr. Skolnick worthy of being a “master class” for the tempo changes it contains in its origin and ability. 

“Night Of The Witch”, the first preview of this production that put us long teeth and the willies with these rhythms depraved with a voice perverse set of treble, bars lapses They call to remember that this band always complies. 

“City Of Angels”, with the introductory bass by Mr. Di Giorgio, we have a very variable and changeable theme due to the arpeggios of the guitars and the vocal tones rested by the mood that they plan to give, with it being followed by the mysterious halo that it wraps around him slowly, and those simple but virtuous bass tones in his group evidence. 

“Ishtar’s Gate”, once again the bass takes on a notable presence and we have an almost legendary musician playing- For anyone who doubts it you can consult the discography of Mr. Di Giorgio, this extraordinarily adorns the song giving it intense pauses that benefit the legacy of ” Titans Of Creation”

“Symptoms”, enjoying the peaks and valleys of these rhythms is what we have now, in chords that due to their simplicity convey their difficulty in executing it with the capacity that TESTAMENT and those joint choirs of our own brand give us. 

“False Prophet”, syncopated rhythms of classic Thrash Metal, highlighting another member who also reaches the title of legend, inpercussions Mr. Hoglan, is a solid endorsement that other bands already wanted and the guitar twins alone are delightful in their execution. 

“The Healers”, without falling into lengthening or fainting, we have this cut of total saturation of distortions with the stipulation or message of keeping his followers together with them, they say it in his lyrics of recovery and medicinal therapy.

“Code Of Hammurabi”, those bass that upset us have been presented again with clauses on their guitars that entangle to intrigue their acceptable progress to the end, historically reminding their majesty of the Babylonian dynasty and its law of the Talion “an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth”

“Curse Of Osiris”, intensification of the harmonies and metrics to all the agility and promptness that give all the instruments and the voices of Mr. Billy flirting with the Black Metal modulations, without any waste. 

And we finish with “Catacombs”, of a theatrical note with keyboards and vocal choirs, one last march to close, a colophon as a conclusion that only makes me contemplate the cover of the album where the colossal giants that create through the the surroundings of a city at your feet. Want to hear this “Titans Of Creation” again.

Could not end this review without mentioning the artist on the cover, Eliran Kantor, with a striking cover for printing and shock causes, like most album covers TESTAMENT,the cover of a book is always what attracts the reader and it is true this time. Mr. Billycommented to an internet outlet regarding the album: “It has been months since the final mix of ” Titans Of Creation “ and we are eager for fans to listen to it. We feel like we put a lot into this album and in the end it is a TESTAMENT e record stands on its own. We are very proud of “Titans Of Creation”“. 

The album balances and defends itself, the songs have their own identity with a fresh feeling for what they impress. TESTAMENT meets and rules as the best sporting events, the Olympics or the world, to make itself manifest, that is, every four years they are present in our universe where they orbit with a lot of presence. They achieve a complete and insurmountable balance, only by themselves. They continue without slowing down, showing the new generations what is a good Thrash Metal and since that year of 1987 with “The Legacy” they persevere and sound in a contemporary way staying current.



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