The 7 best music streaming services and applications in 2020


These are the best Music Streaming services available now that you can try easily

A few days ago we collected a series of free musical offers and services to continue listening to our favorite music from home. Today we are going to go a little further and tell you about the differences between the main streaming services available and the offers we have today to take advantage of them better.

TIDAL, quality above all

TIDAL is a service that stands out from the rest for its high sound quality. Tidal, with its high quality audio, articles related to music and its live events, is one of the best and most exclusive services.

They just launched an offer from 4 months of TIDAL Premium or HiFi for only € 4 . This is more than 90% off and the truth is a good way to get hooked on this product, which is one of those that once you try it, it becomes an indispensable.

Besides there is also the option of hiring TIDAL 1 month free , a high-quality music streaming service little known in our country, but which is slowly gaining ground. They offer us 1 free month where you could notice what I tell you about the quality of the audio in High Definition.

AMAZON MUSIC, The backing of a giant

Amazon’s re-entry into the music streaming space with Music Unlimited did not impress us. However, the Music Unlimited price ranges caught our eye along with the library and support for Amazon Echo, Fire TV and Tap. Music Unlimited does not drastically change the streaming landscape, but it offers interesting features and without a doubt is the ideal companion if you have Alexa at home.

Amazon Music Unlimited (1 free month) is an option to try it out and sign up later to one of its various packages, individual, family (€ 14.99 per month and allows the use of six people) or Echo.

Of course, Music Unlimited also offers the industry standard premium plan of $ 9.99 per month for its ad-free Individual tier. Please note, however, that Amazon Prime subscribers receive a discount that reduces the fee to € 7.99 per month (or € 79 per year), in addition to their Prime fees of € 129 per year.

YOUTUBE MUSIC, Big Brother helps you

Youtube and Youtube Music (1 month free) also offer us a free month to test their service, which now has a catalog super complete and with the ease of use that YouTube gives us. Another very interesting point is the DISCOVER functionality that helps you discover new music geared to your tastes and with Google being the one behind it, we are sure that its hit ratio will be high.

YouTube Music Premium will cost you 9.99 euros a month (about 15 euros if you bet on the Google Family Plan) and you can listen to all the music you want through its application but also watch video clips. Another great advantage is that you can not only listen to songs and albums published by your favorite artists, but you can also listen to live shows, concerts, performances.

Apple Music, the platform that is no longer so captivating

Since its launch, Apple Music, Cupertino’s audio streaming service, allows people to stream music and music videos to their iOS devices, dive into numerous selected playlists, and find artists using Siri’s voice commands.

Now, Apple Music continues its platform expansion by bringing its library of 50 million songs to web browsers, Android etc … There are distinctive features of Apple Music, such as its Beats 1 channel, created by humans but also lacks the extras standouts from your rivals like podcasts or ticketing.

SPOTIFY, the market standard

Spotify is the market standard today, the “Walkman” of music streaming services. Despite serious competition from other music services, Spotify continues to be an outstanding player in this category thanks to things like its collaborative playlists, podcasts and above all the existence of a free version with its entire catalog, but with reduced quality and advertising.

Part of Spotify’s success is its ubiquity. You can access Spotify from web browser, the desktop applications (available for Chromebook, Linux, Mac and Windows) or installing any of the mobile applications (available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile). You can also find Spotify on TVs, set-top boxes, smart watches, andvideo consoles.

DEEZER, the one covered with a faithful community

Deezer is a French company that does nothing revolutionary, but its combination of traditional live music, live radio, podcasts, lyrics, and other things, makes Deezer worth your consideration.

Deezer prices are in line with what competitive services offer. The free version allows you to stream advertised music to a PC, MAc, or tablet, but not to a phone, oddly enough. The free version limits jumps, has no offline mode, and has compressed transmission at 128 Kbps or 320 Kbps with loss (you can adjust the bit rate).

DEEZER offers three months free for its Premium services. This platform has a very interesting AI system called FLOW that learns from your tastes, learns what you like and what you don’t and allows you to create your own soundtrack.

iHEART RADIO, the closest to classic radios

Clear Channel iHeartRadio, a free service (with premium options) that combines live radio with channels from selected artists and podcasts. iHeartRadio offers free live radio broadcasts. Its home page prominently displays a grid highlighting the categories of Comedy, Jazz, News, and Talk, Rock, Sports, and other content categories. In addition, the platform is also capable of recommending radio to your liking

While a track is playing, you can view its lyrics or a biographical page for the artist. In addition to free live radio broadcasts, iHeartRadio offers two premium plans: iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access. The iHeartRadio Plus level offers live radio, plus custom artist radio stations, unlimited jumps, full access to the company’s podcast library, the ability to play the last three songs, and play songs and albums to order. Unfortunately, iHeartRadio Plus is only available on Android or iOS; there is no web version.

And as if they were few options, we leave you links to other services that may be interesting, such as SoundCloud (1 month free) , Napster, , Beatport or Yandex .

And finally if what you like is live music, don’t miss our special “ Concerts you can’t miss this quarantine” where we collect some of the best concerts available for free to enjoy on the couch.


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