Show Review: QUEEN + Adam Lambert concert Madrid (06/07/2022)


A Kind of Magic filled the Wizink Center in Madrid with the music of QUEEN who once again came out like true Champions

In a state of tremendous joy, I am writing this chronicle before going to bed. It has been a glorious night and I can’t go to sleep without telling you all about it.

Because after three years with the tickets in our possession, seeing how COVID delayed enjoying a dream once again has been a long time, finally the moment has arrived and it has been worth it. QUEEN landed in Madrid this 2022 with Adam Lambert on vocals and left all the attendees with a wonderful taste in their mouths.

With the images of Brian May who has suffered a lot in the last months in mind and the fear of disappointment hanging over some heads, QUEEN arrived to cover some mouths and as we like to say, kick some ass.

The band offered us a total spectacle in which lasers, pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, and huge screens offered the perfect wrapping for this wonderful band that years ago decided to move on without forgetting anyone.

On entering the Wizink Center, one’s attention was drawn to a decoration that seemed to be carved out of wood that surrounded the entire stage. A little later I would discover that it was a huge curved screen that would float above the band throughout the whole concert, creating the effect that the whole stage was under a crown.

Roger Taylor and Brian May’s white hair stood in the spotlight while a more integrated Adam Lambert flaunted extravagant outfits and glamour to match his magnificent voice.

The set list was a collection of anthems that could have been even longer, with hard-hitting tracks such as “Hammer to Fall”, “We will Rock you”, “I Want It All” and “Tie Your Mother Down”. There was also plenty of room for those songs that make the audience dance and keep you from smiling with “I Want to Break Free”, “Fat Bottomed Girls”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Don’t Stop Me Now”.
As usual, May and Taylor took intermittent solo turns on vocals and even Mercury himself made several video appearances, accompanying May on a beautiful version of “Love of My Life” or haranguing the audience.

And that wasn’t the only “sentimental” moment, as the discography of these monsters is full of great songs made from and for the heart: “These Are the Days of Our Lives” with Roger Taylor on vocals, “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “The Show Must Go On” served to make our hair stand on end and bring a few more tears to our eyes.

Queen’s most popular song “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a must. That complex theme that was born trying to simulate certain operatic elements by mixing three half-composed songs alone has come to be considered by many as the best song in history. Playing this masterpiece live in its entirety is almost impossible, so instead of trying to recreate it, video footage was played in the background (as on previous tours), imbuing the stage and venue with tremendous nostalgia.

It’s hard to pick a special moment of the night, but, if you’re one of those who haven’t been to the concert yet and have planned to go, don’t even think about going to the bathroom during “A Kind of Magic”. Literally, the lighting, effects, and projections were magical. And I won’t say more to avoid spoilers.

The performance of “Under Pressure” was sublime too, with a stratospheric Lambert.

But above all, I will never forget the torrent of feelings that came over me with the aforementioned “Love of My Life” during which he burst into tears like a child, and not even the whole pavilion sang along with May “39” managed to get me out of that state.

Seeing Queen + Adam Lambert is already a lot, but I have to say, that the classic British Rock concert has been enhanced to the maximum with a lot of technical elements that take the show to another level. And what a sound! Brian May’s guitar, Taylor’s drums, and the vocals of all three sounded perfect throughout the night.

I close this week of chronicles that have taken me on a journey through three very different Rock concepts such as Alice Cooper with his Shock Rock, KISS with their particular vision of Glam Rock, and finally Queen that we could fit as British Rock, but what the hell, let’s leave the labels, in one week I have enjoyed Alice Cooper, KISS and Queen, I’ll be damned!


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