Album Review: Crossing Rubicon “Perfect Storm” (2022)


CROSSING RUBICON present themselves as a new project of high-quality Melodic Rock as they demonstrate in this “Perfect Storm”

On some occasions, one approaches the immersion in new releases with a certain discouragement at the prospect of finding another uniform work that repeats the formulas of the genre, and that sadly, in the majority of cases, will pass without any glory within a few weeks of its release.

But on this occasion, and to my surprise, we find ourselves before an exceptional debut. An album that sweetens your ears and awakens your curiosity. A series of songs that glide through your eardrum provoking the joy of someone who enjoys another sunrise, which does not cease to be unique every morning just because it is something usual.

After a couple of tracks, I decided that it deserves active listening as we are going to find details, sound effects, melodies with hooks, a nod to a classic, and riffs that provoke that tension that generates the anticipation of powerful emotion.

From the head of Serafino Perugino comes Crossing Rubicon, a musical pact between the Turkish Cenk Eroglu and the singer John Bisaha. I have to admit that I was completely unaware of our two protagonists and had to resort to the press release and “Heavy Harmonies” to find out a little more about them.

Although those nerdy in AOR and Melodic music will surely know Cenk Eroglu who has collaborated both with Kip Winger solo and with the band in Winger IV and Better Days Comin’ as a keyboard player. He was also the mastermind on Xcarnation, a more experimental type of project, where good old Kip is also involved.

On the other hand, there is John Bisaha, currently in Nova Rex and former singer of the legendary band The Babys, on 2014’s I’ll Have Some Of That, which, for the information of the younger ones, is where John Waite played in his early days.

Eroglu and Bisaha met through Frontiers and began their journey in Crossing Rubicon. Eroglu’s son, Efe, will be on guitars, keyboards, and special guests Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, ex-Mr. Mister), Ray Coburn (Honeymoon Suite), and Reb Beach (Winger, Whitesnake), among others.

The band’s name, Crossing Rubicon refers to an Italian river that was crossed by Julius Caesar, of which Cenk Eroglu says the following: “I was on the banks of that river for many years and I crossed it when John and I joined forces. If you are in love with true melodic rock, this is it! I’m so grateful to have found John and Frontiers to lead the way, I can’t wait to share these songs with you!”.

As for the album “Perfect Storm”, it has a good production and is quite reminiscent of some of those great bands of the late 80s and early 90s. This album is refreshing for those loyal fans of purer melodic rock, for fans of Winger or TNT.

It contains shimmering melodies and electrifying guitars all over the place, some tracks remind me of Winger such as Scar which has an air of Winger’s “From the Moon to the Sun” in the rhythm lines and those ambient pianos.
Too Late has that sound that takes you back home, like when we were teenagers and listened to our idols on the cassette player.
Some albums tend to lose steam as they go along, but I have to say that Perfect Storm gain so much as the minutes go by.
In what I understand is a fake live performance we have On The Run, which has an initial riff that is a perfect nod to Easy come easy go, a good cut, all in all.

Two quite promising ballads, 100 Thousand Years, and Never Again showcase singer John Bisaha, with a whole range of vocal tonalities.

With a more energetic aura, we find Cry Me A River. The semi-ballad Crash & Burn sung as a duet with Holly Bisaha has a slightly poppier feel.

Time (Without You) closes this rounded album with very electronic synthesizer arrangements, it becomes more progressive towards the end, if they tell me that Pat Mastelotto’s drums play here, I believe it.

Sometimes there is a release on the musical horizon that takes us out of our routine as listeners, a fine stone that presents a splendid display of sonic colors, that is Perfect Storm.

Review by Alicia Albertos


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