Phil Jamieson “Lights On”: A Rocking Journey of Hooks and Heists


Unleashing Crunchy Riffs, Dreamy Delights, and Heartfelt Anthems with Phil and the Gang

With more hooks than a tackle box, “Lights On” explodes onto the scene, strutting its stuff with a fierce spring in its step. Deep grooves and airy guitars intertwine, while Phil’s silky vocals reign supreme, cranking up the heat in this rocking anthem. Jackson McRae jumps in, unleashing thunderous beats alongside Phil and the co-producer, Oscar Dawson, the guitar maestro from Aussie indie rockers Holy Holy. Together, they concoct a mesmerizing and vibrant delight that underwent a wild journey before reaching its epic final form.

Now, this single may or may not have drawn inspiration from daring bank heists and nostalgic memories. As Phil spills the beans, “Lights On” has gone through countless iterations and arrangements, morphing into the embodiment of pure fun. It’s a tune that commands your shoulders to sway and your hips to groove. It could be about a thrilling bank heist, reminiscent of the adrenaline-fueled plots of “Ocean’s 13” and “Ocean’s 8.” Yet, at its core, it’s about safeguarding your heart for the one you love. It’s also a nod to memories that might have betrayed you, maybe even about swiping some cold, hard cash and cleverly concealing it. Picture this: a bank heist of emotions, where amidst the chaos, you declare, “Come what may, I’ll stick around, I’ll be there—forever sentimental!” Rock on!


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