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OUTLAWS “Dixie Highway” album review


Outlaws launched recently with their new album “Dixie Highway” faithful to their style and life on the roads taking us into a trip through southern lands

Since the early 70s OUTLAWS, this southern band from Florida has been burning asphalt on the endless highways that cross the American continent. That is why in their last work Dixie Highway they pay tribute (as if it were a road movie) to that smell of worn tire snorted during their adventures towards the bowling that awaited them around every corner. 

From the original band survive Henry Paul vocals and guitar and the drummer Monte Yoho, the rest took the wrong path of drugs and suicide to disappear from the face of the earth. They have been joined by new blood to form a super group that sounds classic for every pore in their skin, but let’s not ask them anymore they are not for suckers they are to do what they have always sucked in those small clubs where they play. 

The song titles sayall “Southern Rock will Never Die,” “Rattlesnake Road” ….. needlesssay more, just give the play and we will find something authentic that they have been doing for 45 years. 

They open with the aforementioned “Southern rock …” where they send greetings to all those who have fallen on the rock roads and reveal the secret of their album very Skynyrd and their love for music. The guitars that are three are coupled to The perfection and spirit of the Allman Brothers is immersed in every chord, just like “Heavenly Blues” as beautiful as its title. 

As an interval it is worth commenting that the Dixie Highway was the only highway that connected Chicago with Miami, it was a constant struggle to drive it to achieve success in your projects, that is very reflected in the harsh “Over Night From Anthems”. 

The rural and dark world of that great highway reappears with “Dark Horse Run” very seventies, very The Eagles, it’s time to go home. 

“Rattlesnake Road” with great lyrics and maybe those avant-garde guitars will appear JJ Cale . There’s even time for instrumental without falling into heaviness with “Showdown”. 

Anyway, if itn’t for the fact werethat this is an “escape valve” for the band, where they would have to put all the meat on the grill and, on the contrary, it was well-off, their sound would have the highest score. Tothis, these outlaws bill eleven magnificent songs with half a century behind them and in these times it is as the “altar boy” would say: blessed glory !!!



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