Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) live show tomorrow on FB Live


Danny Vaughn, soul and voiceof Tyketto will perform live in an acoustic show on Thursday, March 26 on Facebook Live

As announced by our beloved Danny Vaughn, leader of Tyketto, this Thursday, March 26, he will perform a live acoustic show so that we can enjoy and share it from home. All information and link here

I am going to do a live acoustic concert from home on Thursday March 26th on FB live from the Myths, Legends and Lies page. Won’t you join me?

Danny Vaughn

The concert will focus on his latest solo album “Myths, Legends & amp; Lies ” of which he tells us the following:

It’s hard to believe thirteen years have passed since my last solo album, “Traveler” was released. I have wanted to record another album for a long time, but many things have gotten in the way. The biggest obstacle has been myself. Maybe I lost confidence in my writing skills? Maybe I got stuck with other projects and tours? Maybe I watch too much Netflix? I’m not sure what the big problem was. I think I was a little scared to get that big wheel moving again. Many things must happen before you finally have that little plastic disk in your hands.

I have been planning “Myths, Legends & amp; Lies” for a long time. Those of you who know me will know that with every album I release, either alone or with Tyketto, there are always one or two songs that are a little to the left of the center of melodic rock or that I’m known for. Over the years, I have written dozens of these strange and wonderful creatures that I have come to regard as my orphans, because it is difficult to find a home for them. One day my dream was to get them together and put them in a house together. And here we are.


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