NO ONE CARES unveil the lyric video for the new single “Negativity”


NO ONE CARES Drops Lyric Video for ‘Negativity’ – Italian Modern Metallers’ Powerful Message from EP ‘Pause/Reboot’

Italian modern metallers NO ONE CARES unveil the lyric video for the new single “Negativity”, taken from the EP “Pause/Reboot” out now via Quarock Records.

The band comments:
‘Negativity’ is a song which represents the feelings we have when we feel a bit depressed. How this feeling burns from within and spreads like a cancer. Sometimes we feel as if this inner malaise is on an endless loop, as if it’s something that we can get around, but can’t possibly avoid… because no matter what, we’ll still inevitably fall for it and we’ll never get out of it. But we still must never lose hope of returning to serenity’.

The video was shot by Lorenzo ‘Bug’ Meoni (Imago Media):
With the video of ‘Negativity’ I wanted to emphasise the negative force expressed in the lyrics, representing a continuous inner struggle symbolised by monsters and demons, with a protagonist who, due to continuous falls into the vortex of negativity, eventually perishes, after having for a moment tasted the illusion of an apparent serenity.

“Pause/Reboot” represents a true rebirth for NO ONE CARES. Several line-up changes and the pandemic forced the band to take a break, despite the endless desire to create, produce and look ahead. But the time has finally come to rise up again like a phoenix, and the “Pause/Reboot” EP stands for this.

Elaborating new sounds and focusing on new writing and arrangement dynamics under the supervision and artistic production of Gabriele Bellini, they produced an EP which is a kind of new discovery for NO ONE CARES. The album was edited, mixed and mastered by Giacomo “Jac” Salani at La Fucina Studio in Florence, Italy.

Buy “Pause/Reboot” HERE

NO ONE CARES were born in 2012 playing a powerful and personal mix of nu metal and metalcore, in a surprising combination of Crossover Metal. The band from Tuscany made their debut in 2014, with two of their own unreleased tracks for the compilation “Underworld Collection – Invasion” (QuaRock Records), and the following year they released their first album “Dirty”, an explosive record which confirmed N.O.C. as one the best new Italian acts in crossover metal, gaining excellent critical acclaim especially thanks to their live shows.

Track listing:
1 – Scary Thoughts
2 – Empty Hole
3 – Phoenix
4 – Negativity
5 – Beautiful Sadness


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