Lynch Mob new lyric video “Caught Up” out today

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Lynch Mob: Hard Rock Legends Return with ‘Babylon’ Take A Look into New Single ‘Caught Up’

Today, Lynch Mob has unveiled the lyric video for their latest single, “Caught Up,” extracted from their upcoming studio album, “Babylon,” scheduled for release on October 20, 2023.

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Renowned for their electrifying guitar-fueled hard rock sound, Lynch Mob infuses elements of classic rock, blues, and metal, with a penchant for improvisation. The band’s founder and esteemed guitarist, George Lynch (known for The End Machine, The Banishment, and ex-Dokken), is joined by vocalist Gabriel Colón, bassist Jaron Gulino (of Tantric and Heavens Edge fame), and drummer Jimmy D’anda (formerly of Bulletboys) for this latest Lynch Mob album.

“Babylon” marks the band’s eighth studio album and is their first release since 2017’s “The Brotherhood.”

Lynch Mob, the American hard rock band formed in the late 1980s, has a rich and storied history in the world of rock music. Led by the legendary guitarist George Lynch, who gained fame as a member of the highly influential band Dokken, Lynch Mob carved out its own distinct identity within the hard rock and heavy metal genres.

The band’s signature sound is characterized by George Lynch’s virtuosic guitar work, featuring searing solos and memorable riffs. Lynch’s contributions to the world of rock guitar playing have solidified his status as one of the most respected and innovative guitarists in the industry.

Throughout its career, Lynch Mob has released several critically acclaimed albums, including their 1990 debut, “Wicked Sensation,” which is considered a classic in the genre. The album showcased the band’s ability to seamlessly blend elements of blues, classic rock, and metal, creating a unique and powerful sonic experience.

Over the years, Lynch Mob has seen changes in its lineup, but George Lynch has remained a constant force and creative driving factor behind the band’s music. The addition of vocalist Gabriel Colón, bassist Jaron Gulino, and drummer Jimmy D’anda to the lineup has brought new energy and talent to the group, ensuring that Lynch Mob continues to deliver high-energy, hard-hitting rock performances.

As the band prepares to release “Babylon,” their eighth studio album, fans can expect more of the signature Lynch Mob sound that has made them a staple in the hard rock world for decades. With their enduring passion for music and dedication to their craft, Lynch Mob continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of rock and roll.


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