MASS PUNISHMENT Release New Single “God Less America”


Divided, Conquered, and United: Mass Punishment’s Fierce New Single ‘God Less America’ Explores Current Events and Urges Peaceful Understanding”

Mass Punishment’s songs, both in lyrics and music, delve into current events and the fracturing, conquering, and destruction of societies worldwide. Their music explores the urgency to unify people and seek peace through understanding and compromise, or else face utter annihilation. The band’s latest single, “God Less America,” is slated for release on July 6th, 2023.

The inspiration behind the song stems from the harrowing nightmare of chaos and division that has deeply affected the United States. The track addresses the ramifications of lockdowns, protests, riots, economic collapse, and poor leadership, which have pushed the country to the precipice of civil war.

In “God Less America,” Mass Punishment unleashes a torrent of driving rhythms, relentless percussion, and commanding vocals. While delivering unrelenting heaviness, the band also incorporates intricate technical leads, adding depth and power to this impactful composition. The quartet’s sound is uncompromising and hard-hitting.

Mass Punishment was formed after guitarist Christopher Milos returned to the United States following his service in the Army, where he fought on the front lines in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Having played guitar since childhood, Christopher began crafting riffs and lyrics that would eventually serve as the foundation for Mass Punishment’s songs. The band’s powerful lineup was completed with Erick Laurino’s commanding vocals, Brian Donat’s drumming talent, and Scott Ferguson’s skill in composing striking harmonies. Musically, the band draws inspiration from influential acts such as Pantera, Fear Factory, Korn, and Soulfly. “God Less America” follows their 2022 live studio album, “The Suffering You Know.”

Mass Punishment comprises:

  • Erick Laurino (Vocals)
  • Christopher Milos (Guitars)
  • Scott Ferguson (Bass)
  • Brian Donat (Drums)


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