L.A. Project (ft. guests from Annihilator, Exxocet)


L.A. Project (ft. guests from Annihilator, Exxocet) release new single titled “Carry On”

L.A. Project is an international melodic metal/rock effort that was started by Luis Amaro during the pandemic. In order to bring his ideas to life, he recruited drummer Fábio Alessandrini (Annihilator, Bonfire), bassist Rich Gray (Annihilator, Aeon Zen), and vocalist Lukky Sparxx (Exxocet). In April, Amaro released L.A. Project‘s debut EP “5 Dimensions” and is now following it up with a fresh new single “Carry On”

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When asked about the track and the listening experience they are trying to deliver, Amaro responds:

“We think fans will approach it with a lot of curiosity about the new band and sound. Because the first was a little bit of experimentation in different moods. And now we try to have a solid and consistent style of music. All the songs have shredding guitar and are very well played. There is some technical stuff but at the same time it’s very easygoing.”

“Carry On” is about the choices that sometimes you need to make and finding much-needed inspiration in your life. The lyrics are easy to identify with and are relevant to many situations in life whereas the music comes across with plenty of melody and enough of an edge to appease a variety of metal audiences.

The single was produced and mastered by Ricardo Fernandes who did mixing along with Rich Gray. The album artwork was done by Nicolas Oliveros. The melodic riffs in “Carry On” have plenty of attitudes, the vocals demand attention and the listener will be engaged throughout the four and half minute run time. It is recommended for fans of Dokken, Mr.Big, and Steelheart.


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