North East Bistro new single “We Both Lived At Night”


Montreal’s North East Bistro and their first single in many years of hiatus. It’s entitled “We Are The Night”

North East Bistro is one of the oldest bands still hanging around in Montreal, Canada, and has been since the beginning of the millennium. They have released three albums, an EP, and a handful of singles, and have a new single “We Both Lived At Night” ready to present to the world. With influences ranging from Alice in Chains to Iron Maiden to Slipknot to Baroness, they play dynamic rock that will be intriguing to people far and wide. Bassist Ben Forté comments on the single:

“This is the first new song written since “Sing Your Heartache” was released in 2018. It’s our heaviest song so far. It’s also the 1 st single out of 3 from the Sundown sessions. The song was recorded at the Palm Isle Studio by Carl Roberge. He also tracked the guitars and that might be the reason it sounds heavier. We gave him a carte blanche and the result was quite impressive! Carl is an old friend of ours and we wanted to work with him for a long time. I’m a big Misfits, Ghost, and Type O Negative fan and I always wanted to write a “monster” song. And there it is! The song is really about a friend who I never really knew in…daylight time. Only when the sun went down. There we met. Night time only. We both lived that way, like vampires.”

Compared to their previous releases, listeners can expect this latest offering to be much heavier than expected, the band has never gone this far before on the distortion but they maintain a very groovy and melodic sound. In the past, they always had a brass section but for the more recent songs, they worked in a string section instead. They do miss the horns and suggest that they will eventually come back.

When it comes to writing, the words come first and they try to follow the mood of those, rarely does the music come first in North East Bistro. Forté first records some demos with the main core of the song, and the lyrics are usually all done. With an acoustic guitar and vocals, they flesh out the parts and harmonies, and finally the drums. Once satisfied, they hit the studio.

For more than 20 years, North East Bistro has been ripping it up and they are excited to share their latest incarnation. The single “We Both Lived At Night” is dark, melancholic and is recommended for fans of Ghost, Type O Negative, and The National. 


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