Interview with HARDLINE´s Johnny Gioeli

interview hardline

We talked some time ago with Johnny Gioeli about his personal and HARDLINE proyects

-Hi Johnny, how are you doin’? Pleased to meet you. Firstly,I must confess that I’m a huge fan of your work! No doubt you own one of the most powerful and recognizable voices in rock.

Thank you so much!  I appreciate you and your kind words very very much.  

-The beginning of the band was difficult at least until the arrival of Neil in your lives. Did you think about throwing in the towel?

Never. I never once thought that. But, I was very confused and needed time just like any divorce. It was like that to me. I needed to make sure that I was ready to reintroduce my work in the same yet a different way. 

-Double Eclipse is an authentic reference for Hard Rock, It´s part of the soundtrack of our lives. How was that record forged? How was the compositional process? Everything was your creation or did Neal also help you?

You said that SO AMAZINGLY … “the soudtrack of our lives”. I wrote almost everything and then we refined and enhanced with Neal and Joey.  The album was my baby. And still is.  

-Everything seemed to be going well but suddenly it was over. How did you feel?

I felt like the world was ending.  In shock. I wasn’t worried about the money at all. I was worried that I was not going to be able to make music for those who love what I do.  I am so greatful that I was able to continue.  

-Why don’t you play more songs from from album II? Don´t you like it?

Good question?  I do like it…..we just don’t go there for some odd reason!  Ok, ok, we’ll take a look! haha

-Hardline had never played Spain until last year, when you played for the first time in Madrid, and it was sold out. Let me tell you that I was lucky to be on that long awaited show and I remember it as an epic and exciting night. Man, what a voice! I just can thank you and all the band. How do you remember it? 

Oh thanks so much!  I remember it like yesterday!  I love playing in Spain! And the people… amazing!  

-Now you’re heading back to Spain to play another three gigs, what do you expect from that tour?

I’m hoping for some of the same!  I just want to play for those who want to hear…..I am REALLY excited.  

-Hardline’s last effort was released past year and it was called “Human Nature”. I’ve noticed a change on lyrics’s subject ,with some kinda worries about what the future may bring if human beings don’t change it’s crazy behavior. Did the current situation somehow affect the way Hardline compose?

It sure did.  You can’t help but notice. And what artists do is write about what they see and feel.  Like painter would seeing a vision of something.  

-Johnny, you’ve been working non-stop from more than thirty years and it’s understood that there has to be sweet and bitter times on the way. For instance, how do you remember that time when Hardline were starting to rise but then “grunge” came and melodic rock seemed to be over?-Would you say that Serafino Perugino and Frontiers Records played a deciding part on making Hardline possible again? 

Yes, it’s true.  He pushed and pushed and pushed….and when I was ready, we went forward. And here we are.  Amen to that. Serafino keeps the air in the lungs of rock and roll.  

-On the other hand, I guess that a funny and exciting moment took place back in the late 80’s. I’m talking of that time when it seemed that your band Brunette would really make it. Bret Michaels himself helped you on your way to Hollywood!

He did!  He got us in the right direction….but we did all the #$%%^&# work!  

-What do you think about that 80’s hard rock revival? Is there any new band you’re interested in?

I really don’t listen to too many bands from ANY year. I know….weird huh?  I really don’t like to be influenced when I write, so I never had a CD collection.  I know…..weird…..

-Brunette, Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell, Crush 40…I really love them all, but what album or project are you most proud of?

They are each special in their own time and space.  But Double Eclipse was and is my baby.  

-What can you tell us about your solo album?

Go to: and PLEASE read ALL about it.  It’s a dedication CD and it’s very special to me.  It’s called “Once Voice” and will release in May. It is an inspirational and uplifing CD  

-What can we expect from Hardline the next months or years? Do you think that Neil Schon would be interested in joining an occasional Hardline original line-up reunion?

I take each day of my life one at a time…I have no idea what the future holds….But I think someday a reuinion would be cool.  

-Is there something you’d like to say to all your Spanish fans that are longing to see Hardline back here?

I love you ALL!  Thank you for always being there for me.  I hope I make you proud for the shows in Spain and I thank you from the heart for years of dedication.  I wish you all the best this life offers.

-Thank you for your time Johnny, it’s been a pleasure, hope to see you soon!

Thank YOU!!!!!  I appreiate you 100000000%    -best -Johnny

Efrén Rodríguez (ROCK AND BLOG)


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