Be Well release Debut EP “Be Well”


Be Well, Featuring Producer Brian Mcternan And Members Of Bane, Darkest Hour & Fairweather,Release Debut EP “Be Well”

Today, several of the most respected talents from the world of hardcore have come together for a new project entitled, Be Well. The quintet made their debut by way of a self-titled, 2-song EP out now.

Be Well may be a new band, but their roots run deep. Musically, it’s emotionally gripping, with an expertly executed blend of melodic hardcore and notes of 90’s post-hardcore influence. The lyrics are deeply personal, and the vocals harken back to early DC bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace. The members include Peter Tsouras (Guitar) and Shane Johnson (Drums) from Fairweather, Mike Schleibaum (guitar) of Darkest Hour, and Aaron Dalbec (Bass) of Bane. Rounding out the quintet is the vocalist, Brian McTernan, who is known for his production work with bands like Circa Survive, Hot Water Music, Turnstile and Thrice. Be Well‘s energy is relentless, as McTernan chronicles his struggles with depression and fatherhood through lyrics that are equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful.  Fans of the individual members’ past work have anxiously awaited Be Well‘s first recorded music. What they’ll get in the band’s 7-inch will undoubtedly live up to the anticipation.


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