Vermilia Release Emotional Music Video ”Suru On Kunniavieras”


Vermilia release a new single called ”Suru On Kunniavieras” With Emotional Music Video

Finnish pagan metal artist Vermilia premiere a new track called ”Suru On Kunniavieras” (trans. Grief is a Guest of Honour), which is actually cover song and originally performed by Finnish artist Jenni Vartiainen.

Vermilia comments about the song:

“This song has always touched my heart and my soul. I think it perfectly sums up what grief is and how it should be encountered. I made my own version of this because the song has touched me with its beauty and sensitivity with skillfully written lyrics . It’s always easy to return to this song even in difficult moments.”

The track is released as a digital release on spotify and is also available for pay what you want or download it for free on her bandcamp.


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