VADER “Solitude In Madness” Album Review


VADER are much more than a cool name and you prove it once again with this album “Solitude In Madness”

In the Extreme Metal scene we have many offers at the group level worldwide, the constant change and even the saturation of artistic manifestations that can be ironic and ambitious is notable. It is then when we notice the imminent effort of the band VADER , in the relief and spirit of the interpretation that inspires the desire to intervene and transmit their talent, using their technique that is extraordinary and unbeatable as they give us a new job.

Recalling that there is no advance in the original sounds of this genre, it is as interesting and valid as arguing that the leader of the first power on this planet is sincere and honest, that is, we better enjoy music and that each one of us do what you should do.

VADER is a difficult band to review, it is not due to how complex or deep their music is, it is because the level of intensity and quality is too good in each album and EP that they have given us. previously delivered in its entire record history without neglecting its live performance on any stage.

VADER have long been masters of the short, sharp burst of overwhelming intensity, with an effective formula that sets them apart from the bands that orbit the scene. His songs are persevering and devastating with just enough time to twist the listener, stirring up the excitement of continuing to listen to him. With a perfect minute to listen to it in one go, it is a direct album with a tremendous task, its hallmarks that we already mentioned this time have even a bit of influence from organic classic Heavy Metal.

There is little space for subtleties or textures within the composition of his songs, we start with “Shock And Awe”, you are absorbed and impregnated with his musical articulation and you face to face with the sound wall of the Poles, relentlessly and with everything necessary to cause an intense headbanding, I confess that I remember the accent of Mr. Vincent and the whole MORBID ANGEL gang with all that power they used to give us, but Mr. Wiwczarek and VADER evokes and surpasses them;

“Into Oblivion” the presentation single of this new production, gives us a teaser that adjusts an implicit tachycardia and intrigue with each of its riffs, elaborated with an appetizing expertise; “Despair”, the shortest track on the album at just over two minutes long, oddly, somehow seems longer than it is because there is so much to process during the rhythm progression process with unnerving agility and swiftness ;

“Incineration Of The Gods” a single awesome guitar that mates with another and so on until complete conflagration;

“Sanctification Denied”, the band flirts with progressive rhythms, starting from the bass sounds of Mr. Halicki featured on this track;

“And Satan Wept”, immediate impact of Thrash Metal made with determination in just the right time and necessary, ensuring that boredom does not invade us, wishing more than VADER ;

“Emptiness”, from the EP released earlier this year “ Thy Meseenger” , has the attitude of crude Thrash Metal incorporating chords of Death Metal, correctly recovered and grateful that it appears this time;

“Final Declaration”, the technique and intensity of the strings tuned in metrics that delicately crumble those of us who listen to it and give thanks for having this “Solitude In Madness”;

“Dancing In The Slaughterhouse”, cover of his compatriots ACID DRINKERS with the touch of characteristics of Death Metal, as a suggestive note we have the comic and sinister laughter at the end that is very figurative of doing the combination;

“Stigma Of Divinity”, precision in the melodies and arpeggios achieved in the delirious starting intensity to make an intense mosh-pit, to reach the last cut.

“Bones”, with a longer duration and more in classic cut, & nbsp; no song is too much, no riff is forced and it is a true delight for the senses, being short does not make it heavy at all and the songs are played fast and enjoyable, so it deservedly needs to be put back, again to “Play”.

The band is a constant for the faithful of the genre throughout its history. They represent an everlasting authority determined to survive over time and competition. For constant fans, they will have a lot to enjoy at “Solitude In Madness” . However, no amount of worship can hide the fact that this material is momentary and brief.

The album is intentionally short and offers what we hope and with more than enough, without reinventing anything or reviewing their entire discography they achieve such a satisfactory result. They have no shortage of ideas and are not far behind in all the nuance of their previous products.

VADER has been so consistent over the years that it would be easy to discount its reliability and guarantee of its musical performance. “Solitude In Madness” demands attention, because it destroys and disappears, leaving everything as it usually was, to carefully lead it to an order that can permute while still being them.

They do not invent anything and they have not changed their style much in these almost four decades, but they do not need it at all, they do not lose the dynamic. Without slackening, they continue to offer such elaborate music that although they repeat patterns seen previously, they do it in a very natural way, adding details that are never boring at any time. The world is currently enveloped in a kind of loneliness and the madness of a need to listen to encouraging sensations for a better perception of the current future. VADER is a remarkable band with an already well-defined site, a mechanism to make quality Death Metal, we have a good number of songs on this album & nbsp; to better carry our current reclusion and lockdown.

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vader-solitude-in-madness-album-reviewThe name of this band can be interesting for any "geek", but the Polish band has been interesting for almost three decades much more than by name. VADER present "Solitude In Madness" a production that contains all the rules of a good dose of Death Metal.


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