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TOP 10 Best AC / DC covers

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These are 10 of the most interesting and original covers of AC/DC songs: Anthrax, Bruce Dickinson, Celine Dion, Shakira, Marilyn Manson, Gregorian…

We are still waiting for news about AC / DC but we know that sometime soon they will release a new album and if nothing bad happens they will start a tour at the end of the year.  while we have decided to look for the most original and striking versions of ACDc cations and prepare this list for you.


10. 2Cellos – “Back in Black”

“Back in Black” is a great song that everyone knows, but surely not everyone is familiar with 2Cellos. This duo has made great versions over the years, and “Back in Black” is a fixed element of their live shows. However, their interpretation of the AC / DC classic with the Sydney Orchestra is possibly the best version. It has a rich and complete mix of sounds that allows you to enjoy the theme to the fullest despite being a fully instrumental interpretation.




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