Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest 2023


Unleashing Metal Fury: Exploring the Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest”

The Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest is a one-day heavy metal music festival held in West Tennessee. It features bands from all over the country, numerous art, craft, and food vendors, and is the only event of its kind in the Jackson, TN area. The aim of the festival is to connect bands and artists with new fans and supporters. The festival organizers are paving the way in allowing the bands and artists to perform and sell their goods while keeping 100% of their merchandise revenue with no vending fees or merch cuts

Last year’s Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest was a great success for all of the bands, vendors, and sponsors! Not only did we make headlines around the world for fighting back against a local “ Satanic Panic ” (featured at WBBJ tv, Loudwire , The Pit , and other national and international media), but approximately 1,200 people showed up that day to support the show. Every band and vendor sold tons of merch (many selling out), and new fans were able to connect with the bands for a unique experience.  We are proud that we were able to do this while putting the spotlight on underground bands. 

 Saturday, October 14th at The Amp in Jackson, TN

 Get tickets now for only $30.00!


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