TAILGUNNER releases new video “New Horizons”


TAILGUNNER Unveils “New Horizons” Single and Music Video from Debut Album “Guns For Hire”

Today marks a monumental day for UK’s Heavy Metal rising stars, TAILGUNNER, as they unleash their highly anticipated debut studio album, “Guns For Hire”!

In celebration of this momentous release, TAILGUNNER treats fans to their electrifying new single, accompanied by a captivating video for the track titled “New Horizons.” This powerhouse anthem encapsulates the theme of vengeance, showcasing the band’s heaviest riffs and most unforgettable hooks to date. With lightning-fast twin leads and a chorus that harkens back to the glory days of iconic 80s Power Metal acts like HELLOWEEN, TAILGUNNER delivers an explosive musical experience. The video, shot in April 2023 in the band’s spiritual home of Liverpool, pays homage to the golden era of Heavy Metal, transporting viewers straight back to 1986.

If you’re craving a fresh serving of classic Heavy Metal, look no further!

The album “Guns For Hire” is now available for release through Fireflash Records. Fans have the option to indulge in three distinct vinyl versions (royal blue, crystal clear, and picture disc), limited to only 500 copies each. The album is also offered in CD digipak and digital formats. For those looking to secure their copy, the Atomic Fire Records Webshop offers a variety of formats, including an exclusive bundle shirt.

Order here: https://lnk.to/TailgunnerGunsForHire

Reflecting on the journey behind the creation of “Guns For Hire,” the band members share their thoughts: “Our debut album is the culmination of not only our time together as a band but also a decade filled with blood, sweat, tears, beers, fights, and endless nights—all fueled by an unwavering love for Heavy Metal. We invite you, Children of the Night, Marauders of Earth N’ Hells Vagabonds, to embark on this musical adventure through the tales of these ten songs. Heavy Metal is an undying beast, unkillable and unstoppable, persisting against all odds. The Warhead, a beloved friend brought to life on our debut album by the incredible Sadist Art Design, blending elements of 50s Horror and 80s B Movie posters, personifies the music we proudly carry the torch for. Are you ready to carry it with us?”

METAL RULES exclaims, “The greatest revelation British Metal has had in a decade and a half,” praising TAILGUNNER for their unique blend of power, speed, aggression, and monumental choruses. Expect nothing short of pure fucking Armageddon! The band aptly describes themselves as “Laser Guided Riffs N’ Hooks that Kill!” Their music is fast, loud, and catchy as hell, guaranteed to melt your face off. TAILGUNNER fearlessly stakes their claim as the future of the genre, setting their sights on the sky, ready to launch like a warhead. Prepare for an unapologetic, in-your-face Heavy Metal assault!

The band’s journey traces back several years when bassist and visionary Thomas Hewson departed from his previous band in the summer of 2018, driven by the ambition to create the ultimate uncompromising Heavy Metal band he had envisioned since childhood. It took nearly two years to assemble the perfect lineup of exceptional musicians who would exceed his expectations. Flyers were scattered in guitar shops, metal bars, and social media posts were unleashed. “Then I discovered Craig, the singer of MIDNIGHT PROPHECY, and the first time I heard his voice was a cover of ’22 Acacia Avenue.’ The moment the song kicked in, I knew he had to be the voice of TAILGUNNER! I traveled across England to see them perform. That’s when he realized I was serious,” recalls Hewson.

He goes on to praise Craig as “the greatest new vocalist in Heavy Metal,” highlighting his recent collaboration with INDUCTION, the German-based Power Metal band led by Tim Hansen, son of legendary HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY guitarist Kai Hansen. “A year later, ahead of a UK tour that MIDNIGHT PROPHECY had booked, Craig asked myself and Zach to fill in. It was during this time that I met Sam and had the opportunity to play alongside him. As a rhythm section, we quickly discovered an uncanny musical connection. Although I was initially hesitant about sharing two band members with another group, the day MIDNIGHT PROPHECY disbanded, I spent four hours on the phone with Sam, and by the end of the conversation, he became our drummer.”

And so, TAILGUNNER was born.

Describing their music as a blend of Heavy Metal, speed metal, and old-school power metal, Hewson cites HELLOWEEN, IRON MAIDEN, MEGADETH, KING DIAMOND, and JUDAS PRIEST as their primary influences. Their love for the 80s era resonates throughout their sound. Hewson emphasizes that their authentic “old school” approach is simply how Heavy Metal should sound, with a sound that resonates deep within the soul. From the moment he discovered AC/DC as a child, Hewson’s devotion to Heavy Metal has never wavered. Witnessing IRON MAIDEN live at the tender age of 12 solidified his path in life. TAILGUNNER aims to empower listeners through their music, evoking a feeling of invincibility. That’s the magic of great Heavy Metal—it makes you feel like you can conquer the world!

During the recording of their debut album “Guns For Hire,” TAILGUNNER relocated to an old Victorian chapel from the 1800s, surrounded by a graveyard, during the chilly winter of early 2021. “We recorded mostly in the middle of the night, upon the altar, using only candles for lighting.” The ten tracks were skillfully mixed and mastered by Olof Wikstrand of ENFORCER, a perfect collaborator for TAILGUNNER. Hewson fondly recalls meeting Olof at an ENFORCER show in 2019, where discussions about a potential collaboration took place, even before TAILGUNNER had officially formed as a band. Working with Olof on their debut album held immense significance for Hewson. He praises Olof as a key figure in the scene that has flourished over the past decade, possessing extensive knowledge of Heavy Metal. Additionally, ENFORCER’s albums, particularly “From Beyond” and “Live By Fire – 2,” showcase metal mastery.

TAILGUNNER’s moment has arrived. The torchbearers of British Metal are here to claim their rightful place in the annals of the genre, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. With their unyielding dedication, TAILGUNNER invites fans to experience their explosive remix of power, speed, and aggression. Brace yourself for a no-holds-barred Heavy Metal onslaught that will reignite your passion for the genre. Are you ready to join the ranks of TAILGUNNER and carry the torch of Heavy Metal into the future?


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