Stramonia: New Video “N.W.O. (Show Me Your Soul)”


Watch The New Video For The Single “N.W.O. (Show Me Your Soul)” of italian metal band STRAMONIA

Italian heavy metal act Stramonia has revealed today a new video for “N.W.O. (Show Me Your Soul)”, third single taken from the debut album “The WelcKomed” out now via This Is Core. The album takes inspiration from esotericism and the horror imagery. Black masses, Lovecraft stories, tarots are just a part of the elements which they use to talk about more emotional and modern themes, like solitude, redemption, religion, sublimation of the negative energies.

TRACKLIST “The WelcKomed”

  • 01. The 21st Trump
  • 02. Under A Dark Sky
  • 03. The Black Phoenix
  • 04. Butterflies In Flames
  • 05. Tell Me Priest
  • 06. Love Like You Live
  • 07. For What Is Right
  • 08. The Disquieting
  • 09. N.W.O. (Show Me Your Soul)
  • 10. Stramonia (The Lord)


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