REJECTION. New Official Videoclip “EYES OF GLASS”

    REJECTION release New Videoclip “EYES OF GLASS” part of “A new age of Insanity”, their latest album which is going to be released at late December

    After 6 years of absence they return!!! And this time they bring with them “A new age of Insanity”, their latest album which is going to be released at late December!!
    What a better way to get a taste from it, through their first official videoclip from the album, entitled “Eyes Of Glass” showing their raw power of metal riffing and modern era mixed clean with growl vocals.

    Directed by Ioannis Koliopoulos and produced by the band in collaborations with DVS, they show a powerful performance that has nothing to be jealous of bands like gojira , stone sour, lamb of God etc.


    Rejection is a metal band formed at Corinth Greece and
    explores a crossover of modern metal music . The band has released two studio albums Hollow Prays (2010-Puzzle
    Records) and Subject 43 (2013- Independent release ) and has toured Greece twice and Europe for the first time in
    2013 . Οver the years Rejection has played festivals like Bucovina Rock Castle and Athens b-fest among others ,and
    has received great reviews from Metal Hammer Greece (band of the week and Decibel USA (special mention ) The
    band has finished it s upcoming album “ A new age of insanity ‘ that will be out December the 20th and is ready to hit
    the road and tour again.

    Discography :
    Hollow Prays (2010)
    Subject 43 (2013)
    A new age of insanity (2019)

    Music : Metal / Metalcore
    Location : Corinth ( Greece) 

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