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Living Dead Stars. New video “In Pieces”

Living Dead Stars

Living Dead Stars have just released their brand new video “In Pieces” taken off their upcoming self-titled album

Living Dead Stars have released their new video “In Pieces”. This new single is taken off their upcoming self-titled album out later this year.

Recently the Living Dead Stars have done a UK headline tour bringing Anvil & The Calling to name a few with them. Living Dead Stars release a  brand new video “In Pieces” 6th March 2020 under their label Pavement Entertainment. In Pieces is taken off the bands upcoming self-titled album released later this year.

About “In Pieces”

A lot of the songs we write in LDS are a hybrid of heavy metal and rock ballads.   We love heaviness and aggression, but we also have to have melody. My (Spence) ears have always gravitated more towards sorrow and somberness in music.  Our song “Hopeless” was heavily influenced by Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and I wanted to write a song that merged with it, but had a more upbeat, modern, “catchy” feel to it.  So we began writing what would be “In Pieces”. Nox is heavily influenced by bands such as Escape the Fate and Five Finger Death Punch, and wanted to write a power ballad similar to the ones those bands write.  The chordal harmony of “Hopeless” was a little too “classical” for this task, so I decided to stick with that key (C#mi) and general tempo and feel, but needed to simplify the chord progression of the song to create good rock power ballad.  Like too many spices in your soup, too many chord changes or augmentations to your song’s harmony can ruin your song. Sometimes it’s best to keep to a simple chord progression and let the vocals shine through. The opening riff that we came up with for “In Pieces” is quite dissonant which creates that angry, somber feel that the song opens with.  The verse continues with this til it reaches critical mass in the Pre Chorus where the whole band gets very aggressive and Nox lays the icing on the cake with his scream vocals. But then, the chorus hits and all that bottled up anger is released into and epic, catchy, and heart warming melody that serves as a resolve for all that prior anger and dissonance.  And Nox’s lyrics were a perfect fit. Its a story about the constant struggle to make something for yourself in life, about all the hard work and sacrifice that we do to make our lives better, to chase our dreams, to build something, or just to put food on our tables, only to watch it all crash in burn, or “break in pieces again”. Almost as if the entire universe is out to take you down.  

Once we had the structure of the song complete, Nox had another great idea for the song.  He got in touch with Max Georgiev who plays in Falling in Reverse (and formerly Escape the Fate) and asked him to play on the track.  Max was up for it, and happened to be in L.A. at the time, so we brought him into the studio. After we pounded tons of coffee dialed in the perfect guitar tones, and watched Max work his guitar shredding magic, we now had what would be the song’s dueling guitar solo/duet.  After we had all the band parts done, we knew we had to make this song even more epic by adding violins, cellos, and synths to mix, as we wanted to maintain a “classical” element to it. Once all was said and done we had (in our humble opinions) an absolutely perfect song. All the anger, sadness, aggression, but also hope and determination, that could be expressed in a song.

About the band

Living Dead Stars Band BioOriginally founded by M.Nox in London in 2016, now based in Southern California after joining forces with guitarist Spencer Conley, Living Dead Stars is a Melodic Hard Rock band citing influence fromAvenged Sevenfold, System Of a Down, Five Finger Death Punch, and Stone Sour, as well as elements of film score style orchestrations and Linkin Park style electronica. Living Dead Stars is a perfect union of heavy aggressive guitars and drums with grooving bass, melodic vocals, and symphonic synths.After completing a tour in the U.S. Southwest in 2017 the band took a break to focus on finishing a full length album and took on some new members including former drummer of Benediction Ashley Guest,bassist Jon Blackwelland lead guitarist Michael Zamora. Now with the band revamped and rebooted and their self-titled debut album they head out to Europe for a 2020 tour!Through determination, a love for life and music,and a hunger for success, Living Dead Stars have grabbed the attention of fans and industry worldwide resulting in the signing toMetal Music Bookings,Red Lion, and Pavement Entertainment!



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