From Metal to Celtic: check out Aline Happ’s cover of Linkin Park


Aline Happ from Lyria Launches Celtic Version of Linkin Park’s “Crawling” on Solo Debut Album

The singer from Lyria, Aline Happ, launches a Celtic version for the song “Crawling”, by Linkin Park. The unpublished cover is the first time that an artist transforms the single known for the screams of Chester Bennington into a calm song, made to meditate. The version will be on Aline’s debut solo album, Branching Out, which will be released on May 31st.

“Linkin Park is a very special band to me. It was one of the first heavier bands I heard and it opened doors for heavy metal in my life. I already liked rock, but LP was something very different from what I was used to listening to. The version released now is the one that will be featured on my album, Branching Out, which comes out May 31st. In general, people who follow my work also like Linkin Park a lot and always ask me to do covers, so this song definitely needed to be on the album!”, celebrates Aline Happ.

Aline Happ’s debut solo album, Branching Out, marks the artist’s independence. With her band, Lyria, the artist was already the composer of all the songs and participated in the other stages of the album, in addition to having done the art for the most recent album “Immersion”; In her solo project, Aline was responsible for the production from start to finish: songwriting, recording, arrangements, vocals, instrumentals, album art, in addition to being responsible for mixing and mastering. The new album will feature cover songs and four original unreleased songs. The clip was directed by Aline Happ in partnership with Patrick Happ, who acted as a cameraman.

“Recording this album was a process of self-knowledge, growth and expansion of horizons in my work as a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer. The idea of the project is to create original songs in the Fantasy Rock and Celtic style and to bring a new look to my favorite Rock and Metal songs”, evaluates Aline.

Known worldwide for her work as leader, vocalist and composer of Lyria, Aline Happ is today one of the most famous voices in Brazilian metal. In her solo project, the artist promotes Folk/Celtic reinterpretations of rock, metal and world pop songs that are available on her YouTube channel. Thanks to the fans’ support, the singer raised more than 200% of the crowdfunding goal for her debut solo album, “Branching Out”, which will be released on May 31, 2023. Lyria was founded in 2012 and since then, the group has released two albums with crowdfunding support, Catharsis (2014) and Immersion (2018). The group has also played in several cities and has been a pioneer in Brazil in the transmission of online shows with worldwide ticket sales.


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