ENSLAVED publish a video for new album


After having returned to the studio, ENSLAVEDnow tease their fans with new pictures from a breath-taking video shoot that frontman Grutle Kjellson had this January at the South Coast of Iceland and Reykjanes.

Grutle Kjellson onthe video shoot in Iceland:

«Having the time of my life on the Saga Island. Working with some of the most talented people I have ever met, and in surroundings that would make every human totally speechless. Shooting a music video here seems like an easy task, as ENSLAVED and Iceland are truely meant for each other. Alu Alu Laukar!!»

For the new clip, Grutle spent five days in Iceland  – together with video producer Gaui H from Gaui H Pic, his production assistant Marita Joensen and the actors Striga and Kolbeinn.


A few months ago, ENSLAVED re-signed to Nuclear Blast and released a stunning new music video for their interpretation of ‘What Else Is There’ byNorwegian electropop band RÖYSKOPP. The song is featured as a bonus track on the digital version of their latest album, ‘E.’

14 albums and 28 years into a career that shows no signs of losing neither momentum nor its magical, effervescent creative sheen, ENSLAVED will certainly continue evolving before our ears and eyes. This time, however, not even the sky can act as a limit. Stronger than ever and clearly thrilled to be in such rude health, life in ENSLAVED has never been more rewarding. And the best is yet to come.

ENSLAVED live 2020:
20.03.              NL        Eindhoven – Prognosis Festival
25. – 27.06.      N          Ekeberg – Tons of Rock
11. – 12.07.     USA       Moran, WY – Fire In The Mountains Festival
7. – 9.08.         B          Kortrijk – Alcatraz Festival
10. – 12.09.      P          Aleksandrow Loozki – Summer Dying Loud


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