Do you know how many Singers AC/DC has had?


Surely not everyone knows the answer to this question. How many singers have passed through ACDC? Can you list all the vocalists on AC DC?

Well, Ac / Dc has actually had 5 singers until today, when the Young brothers did not find it good for the band Dave Evans (being more a glam singer), from time to time he was replaced by Dennis Laughlin, who was the first AC / DC manager. Then Bon Scott in 1974 replaced Dave Evans permanently, after the death of Bon Scott, Brian Johnson took over the voice of AC-DC. Lastly, we have Axl Rose as Johnson’s substitute for ear disease.

So this is the list of AC DC singers:

Dave Evans

Welsh-born Dave Evans at 17 moved to Sydney, where he met brothers Malcolm and Angus Young as well as Colin Burgess and Larry Van Kriedt, with whom he formed AC / DC.

The first AC / DC concert was in 1973 with Dave Evans on vocals, but soon after, disputes with the Young brothers led Dave to leave the band.

Dennis Laughlin

Dennis Laughlin co-founded Sherbet with Doug Rea on bass, Sam See on organ and guitar, Clive Shakespeare on guitar and vocals, and Danny Taylor on drums. Taylor left three months later and was replaced by Alan Sandow. That lineup recorded Sherbet’s debut single ‘Crimson Ships’.

After Sherbet he became the first AC / DC manager and in 1974 he replaced Dave Bowling in some bowling, who was not at all like the likes of the Young brothers.

Dennis died last January 2019 after an intense fight against cancer.

Bon Scott, Brian Johnson, Axl Rose

Everybody knows these three men. If you want to read more about them, follow the links. Bon Scott, Brian Johnson, Axl Rose

The end of the story is yet to come.


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