Crystal Faith ascends from the deep with Aqua Vita


The intellectual existentialist metal band from Canada takes the plunge this month with an ecological stand as they release their new song Aqua Vita

Straight from the good news about the varied environmental recoveries reported everywhere, following humanity’s lighter footprint on the planet due to the forced confinement, Crystal Faith serves its fans a tall glass of reality concerning the ultimate element we all cannot live without: water.

Over half of our body content is made of it, our planet is covered to almost three quarters by it and it is the foundation on which life can stand on earth, water is unequivocally the most important substance in our existence. Ironically, developed countries have taken it for granted for the longest time even though our access to clean drinking sources of it have diminished, either through man-made pollution, climate-change brought droughts or industrial fracking. Of all the water covering our planet, only 3% of it is suitable for our survival but 2.5% of it is locked up in ice, the soil or the atmosphere, leaving us with a measly 0.5% to support our needs.

Crystal Faith knows that a song cannot change the world but will nevertheless do what it can to bring this serious subject the attention it deserves. Another gem from the excellent partnership of Erik Simard and Patrice Lord, Aqua Vita is a hard-rocking, heavy metal production that will spare no one and leave all who hears it wet in its tracks! From the same creative ocean as “Electric Chair”, “Middle Of The Road”. “Long Time” and “Pain”, Aqua Vita will undertow the listeners away from its tsunamical opening chords and leave them gasping for air with its hurricaneous vocal lines. This month, serve yourself a heavy metal bottle of cold hard truth with Aqua Vita!


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