Atlas Unveils Mesmerizing Music Video for ‘Last Will & Testament


UK Progressive Rock Sensation Atlas : Empire Unveils “Last Will & Testament” Music Video: A Visual Journey Through Their Musical Landscape

The UK’s very own trailblazers of Progressive and Alternative Rock, Atlas : Empire, are thrilled to unveil their latest creative marvel – the official music video for their track “Last Will & Testament.”

“Last Will & Testament” is a profoundly emotive composition that invites listeners to plunge into the profound depths of Atlas : Empire’s musical realm. Penned and performed by the band themselves, this song has already nestled itself firmly within the hearts of fans across the globe, serving as a compelling part of their critically acclaimed album, “Everything Is Temporary,” now available via Wormholedeath.

Responsible for bringing this artistic vision to life is none other than the gifted photographer, Calum McMillan.

Experience the enchantment of the music video right here:

A Little About Atlas : Empire

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Glasgow, Scotland, Atlas : Empire is a progressive rock ensemble that first came to life in 2011. Their discography boasts two stellar albums, “Everything Is Temporary” (2023) and “The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet” (2019). These seasoned musicians have graced stages far and wide across the UK and Europe, sharing platforms with notable acts like The Dear Hunter, Closure In Moscow, and Nothing.

Atlas : Empire’s hallmark lies in their distinctive fusion of progressive and alternative rock. Their sonic tapestry is woven with intricate arrangements, majestic melodies, and introspective lyrical narratives.

Meet the Maestros:

  • Steven Gillies: Vocals, Guitar & Bass
  • Jamie Sturt: Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Electronics
  • James Lorenzo: Drums

Step into the immersive world of Atlas : Empire and let their musical journey captivate your senses.


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