Album Review. WILDNESS “Resurrection” (2022)


We all have our magic moment somewhere in the universe and in time and for Wildness, it’s here and now

Today’s featured band, Wildness, was formed in 2014 by drummer and frontman Erik Modin, guitarists Adam Holmström and Pontus Sköld, and lead singer Gabriel Lindmark. They would later be joined in late 2017 by bassist Marcus Sjösund. In 2019, singer Gabriel Lindmark leaves the band and is replaced by Erik Forsberg (ex-Blazon Stone) in the spring of 2020.

After two first albums on the Aor Heaven label, they sign in October 2021 with Frontiers Music for the release of some new albums.

I admit I’ve been a Wildness fan since that eponymous album in 2017. Fresh and personal sound for what the crowded Scandinavian melodic rock label usually offers.

So I’m really glad they signed with the Italian label as it will give them more visibility and a chance to build a bigger fan base. I think it’s a very good move by the label and well-deserved for these Swedes.

As a result of this opportunity, Wildness has spent 2021 composing and choosing its songs with great care. They intend to follow up on the success of their second album “Ultimate Demise”. After months in the studio, Resurrection is released, produced, mixed, and mastered by the band’s main songwriter and drummer Erik Modin.

It also features special guest appearances by vocalists Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx), Hank Erix (Houston), Ludvig Turner (Reach), and Dani Hart on backing vocals.

Resurrection picks up the baton from their previous two albums proving that their creative essence is maintained and the eleven tracks are direct, catchy and with resounding choruses.

Overall Resurrection keeps you in a state of permanent bliss from the first note to the last.
It starts with “Nightmare”, the second single, with a clear evocation of the sound of the eighties, but with connotations of the current Scandinavian school.

“Release The Beast”, the forceful rhythmic dyad creates an acoustic maelstrom and brings out the rock beast in all of us.

“Tragedy” is another one of those star tracks, from the Crazy Lixx school, totally choreable and danceable, this cut is the antithesis of a tragedy.

“Love Resurrection” with initial guitar lines that reminded me of Dokken or Tyketto, this song exudes grit and good taste.

“Best Of Me” the soft beat of the rhythm takes you to this semi-ballad almost AOR, with retro wave flashes, a treat for the senses.

“The Final Fantasy” ambient keyboards make the bed in an accelerated and arrogant hard rock, which channels all the most enthusiastic facets of the band.

“Lonely Girl” is a ballad in the style of Journey or Foreigner with Hank Erix from Houston doing a great job at the height of his vocal mastery.

Just when you think they’ve reached their ceiling, they challenge you again with another tune even more impressive than the previous one, like on “The One And Only” and the mid-tempo “Fading Sun”.
The sense of calmness returns on “Dawn Of Forever” with a captivating ballad where the lower tones of Erik Forsberg’s voice make their presence felt.

Eternity Will Never Fall” puts the finishing touch to this work with some more folk tones, for this rocker cut, I love it!

A third chapter in the band’s discography revitalizes once again the classic eighties sound to the delight of the fans. Signing with Frontiers could be the definitive push that they were missing to finish standing out in the melodic market. I honestly believe they deserve it.

Review by Alicia Albertos


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