Album Review. TREAT “The EndGame” (2022)


TREAT is still a safe bet and they prove it with this entertaining and well-elaborated work that arrives with the title “The EndGame”

We were talking days ago, when we reviewed the last FM album, that illusion, desire, and quality, of course, can do anything, age does not matter. And today, with some delay to the release date of the album, I hope no one takes it into account, these are our times, and that we must accept, is what has the “amateurism”, we talk about the same thing, if you have a love for what you do, and a certain level, the result can not be bad and Treat, with his new album The Endgame, and that sees the light via Frontiers Records, has done, again, a great job, to the trash that of age!

But beware, the passing of the years is not a bad thing, when you get older you know your place, you know well your capabilities, your shortcomings, and the Treats of always, singer Robert Ernlund, guitarist Anders “Gary” Wikström, my beloved drummer Jamie Borger, keyboardist Patrick Appelgren, and the prodigal son, and bassist, Nalle Påhlsson, who was already in the band in Coup De Grace, their comeback, as veteran people that they are, they know that in each note they can not deviate, not even a millimeter, from what they have worked so hard on, their first album is from 1985, and that they do so well, melodies, melodies, and more melodies, songs with a brutal hook, there is no song in which you do not sing, in which you do not accompany the band, a very square rhythmic base, and very well worked guitars, very good, with a lot of detail.

With these clear ideas, the band “only” has to get ideas, and it doesn’t matter if we are in 2022, in 2010, or in the longed-for 80s. Those ideas, with the necessary hammering, enveloping keyboards and great support, vocals up as few, and well accompanied by chorus everywhere, bass, with weight and prominence, a drum kit that is a clock, and guitars, executed to perfection by the boss Wikström, a born worker, become Treat, and it does not matter if the album is called The Endgame, Tunguska, Organized Crime or whatever the next one is called.

Treat, other young Swedes with a tank full of melodies and good vibes, and who always manage to make you have more than a good time every time you listen to their records. A sure bet.

List of songs of TREAT “The Endgame”:

Freudian Slip
Rabbit Hole
Home Of The Brave
Both Ends Burning
My Parade
Wake Me When It's Over
Jesus From Hollywood
Carolina Reaper
Dark To Light
To The End Of Love


Robert Ernlund. Vocals
Anders "Gary" Wikström. Guitars, Backing Vocals.
Jamie Borger. Drums, Percussion.
Nalle Påhlsson. Bass, backing vocals.
Patrick Appelgren. Keyboards. Backing vocals.

This is a “The Planet of the Ape” review


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