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Album Review. GINEVRA “We Belong To The Stars” (2022)


This is “We Belong To The Stars”, the debut album from this star-studded new band called GINEVRA

“We Belong To The Stars” is the debut of GINEVRA, with a dream team of singer/songwriter Kristian Fyhr, guitarist Magnus Karlsson, bassist Jimmy Jay, and drummer Magnus Ulfstedt.
It features the collaboration on one track of the fashionable female singer Chez Kane and the incombustible Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards.

We are faced with a plethora of Swedish musicians and it is clear that Swedes play an important role in the creation of the current catalog of melodic hard rock, the list of bands is endless: HEAT, Work of Art, Art Nation, Crazy Lixx, Nestor, Perfect Plan, Find Me, to name but a few.

But without a doubt, this avalanche of Viking talent has given rise to a label of its own, and a very distinct sound and this We Belong To The Stars is undoubtedly 100% Scandi rock.

To me personally, it reminded me a lot of Seventh Crystal, but of course, Kristian Fyhr sings and his voice is unmistakable, especially when his debut from last year was one of my favorite albums of that 2021. Delirium featured twelve impeccable tracks composed by Fyhr, not only demonstrating his vocal expertise but also his songwriting skills. Remember that the blond vocalist also contributed to albums such as Giant’s “Shifting Time”. Almost nothing!

On the other hand, co-headlining the line-up is Magnus Karlsson, widely known in the rock galaxy and currently in Primal Fear. Not only is he a wizard on the six strings, but he has been the mastermind behind a great number of works where he leaves his unmistakable mark, such as Allen/Lande, Kiske/Somerville, The Ferrymen, Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall, Allen/Olzon and others.
Rounding out the line-up on the rhythm section are two other well-known names, Jimmi Jay bassist and founding member of HEAT, and backed up on drums by Magnus Ulfstedt, who has played with Eclipse and is currently in Nordic Union.

Ginevra’s biography begins when Kristian Fyhr offers a handful of new tracks to the Italian label for some projects and that’s when Serafino Perugino is smitten by the cut ‘My Rock N’ Roll’, proposing to Fyrh to command a project along the lines of this track.

Eleven elegant tracks packed into forty-seven minutes where the compositional talents of Khyr and Karlsson merge.

We Belong To The Stars is a shimmering album where accomplished choruses and excellent guitar work come together, counterbalancing the soft melodies with heavier guitars.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Del Vecchio, it has a very clean sound, where the vocals and instruments sound very clear and the arrangements are just right.

Opening the album Siren’s Calling where the bass and lead guitar lines are penetrating along with a brilliant chorus makes this track one of the best on the album.

Unbreakable is introduced by a powerful riff for a mid-tempo song in the vein of Seventh Crystal, with some nice pianos intermingled with the chorus and closing with a sophisticated guitar solo.

Apologize with a very singable chorus, another song that could have been on Seventh Crystal’s debut.
Masquerade duet with Chez Kane, starts as a tender ballad that breaks towards the middle, it doesn’t convince me, I was expecting something more epic with these two great voices. Maybe it will be more exciting live.

Break The Silence, is a mid-speed song where the rhythm is strong and Alessandro Del Vecchio makes different drawings with the keyboards, wrapping the whole theme.

Brokenhearted, double bass drum for an energetic song where Fyhr shows off his vocal power. Here Jimmi Jay’s bass is very present.

We belong to the Stars is the title track, with the heaviest base of the whole album.

I have the feeling that from here on the songs become a bit harder like I’ll Be Around, or Falling To Pieces, where we have an energetic double bass drum and the overwhelming guitars that we find in The Fight.

The captivating My Rock’n’roll, with acoustic guitars, a very beautiful ballad, and with a Fyhr that touches your heartstrings, close this release.

We Belong To The Stars has been gaining weight with successive listens, it is much more than a debut, it is the ideal combination of storm and calm, giving rise to a perfect storm of vibrant rock.

Reviewed by Alicia Albertos



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