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Album Review. C.O.P “Enemy” (2022)


This is C.O.P’s second album, entitled “Enemy”, which is full of great songs that will delight lovers of melodic rock

“Enemy” is the second album by the Swedish band C.O.P. For those of you who don’t know them yet, we can tell you that despite what it may seem from their name, they don’t belong to the ‘Polisen i Sverige’ or Swedish police.

C.O.P. is the acronym composed by the proper names of its members: Peter Sundell (ex-Grand Illusion, Decoy) and Christian Sundell on drums and keyboards, Ola af Trampe (ex-Grand Illusion) on guitars.

Peter Sundell also has a double premiere, as he also provides vocals on Decoy’s new album “Without Warning” together with the great Torben Enevoldsen.

Focusing on today’s album, the songs have been written by Christian Sundell, brother of Peter and Ola af Trampe, who will be in charge of mixing and mastering the album together with Jakob Lindahl.

It’s been some time since that debut, 2015’s “State Of Rock”, an album that was well received by the genre’s audience and critics. I had to refresh my memory and give State Of Rock another listen, as it’s been seven years and I had a somewhat vague memory of it. After that, I continued with Enemy, so I could place it in the context of the band.

And yes, “Enemy” continues in the wake of their first album, as expected, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, I’ve listened to it quite a few times this time because I certainly enjoyed it a lot. I would say that I liked it as much or even more than their debut.

There are eleven tracks, in a classic AOR/melodic tone that takes you back to the late eighties and bands like Zeno, Shy, or TNT. And also of course to more current bands like Grand Illusion, for obvious reasons.

I know it’s weird to say it sounds fresh when I’m sucking on classic references, but it doesn’t sound like so many other Scandinavian melodic rock bands and that’s very welcome.

All the tracks maintain a high standard of quality, catchy and well-crafted melodies in a somewhat pompous atmosphere.

The songs are a little bit more detailed:

With an atmospheric keyboard start, the album begins with “The Enemy”, where we can already sense that one of the protagonists is going to be Peter Sundell, with a magnificent vocal register where the high notes predominate.

The intimate “For You” is a very good mid-tempo song, with some saxophone details, and a second voice that gives body to the song.

“Fighting Your Ghosts” closes this triplet, a song with grit and beautiful guitar and keyboard melodies. Very good cut, well-chosen as a second single.

“Too Late” is another mid tempo, here we have the excellent vocalist Peter Sundell making some high notes that seem impossible.

“The One” is a power ballad where tenderness, power, and feeling fit in the same song.
“Til The End Of Time” with those pompous airs of the late eighties, a piece worked and with a lot of charm, it reminds me a lot of Zeno.

“The Gods” is in the same stylistic line and this band manages to perfection in the mid-tempos, which are their cornerstone, I have no doubt.

“Higher” is a bit more rocking in rhythm and has a guitar solo that is a bit more hard-hitting, although the chorus is pure melody.

“Rise Up”, Christian Sundell leaving his mark on the drums and this cut is the son of Enemy’s thuggish son.

“Proud And Alive” is an epic beginning, with Ola on rhythm guitar building the melody of the song, and the solo becomes a bit progressive.

“Glorious” closing the album, was the first single and is a little gem full of emotion, where Sundell’s voice shines again, a glorious cut as its title says.

In short, veteran musicians of the Swedish scene pull from experience and do work that exudes honesty and good taste. Very recommendable for fans of melodic rock.

Review by Alicia Albertos



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