AC/DC “POWER UP” album Review


“Power Up” allows us to find a haven of peace in uncertain times because AC / DC is always a safe bet

In an time when it is difficult to even know where we are or where we are going, perhaps AC / DC can be this stronghold of certainty in which to feel comfortable. Australians once again prove to be a society that can be trusted no matter how many years go by.

After a couple of listens, I could also say that the album is not just that. Among the 12 tracks we found some gem that could be played in a loop on our players while we wait to be able to sing them in concert. But the band has also decided to qualify its usual script with some details that we will comment on later.

Listening to the album, I understand what Brian was saying about the difficulty of choosing a song as the first single. In fact, I would not have chosen “Shot in The Dark”. I will not say that everything is great but there are a few fantastic songs. So let’s go over the album in detail.

AC / DC “Power UP” Song by Song

Everything starts with “Realize” , which starts out brutal. An Angus who squeezes his Gibson while Brian launches his particular harangue to give us a push and get up from the seat before what is coming. Together with them, Rudd, Williams and Young prove to be that rhythmic base that everyone would want to have in their band.

Next, “Rejection” , which despite relying on a very familiar riff, plays with a very interesting melody in which choruses and Brian’s treble are skillfully combined. Of course there is no lack of Angus’ playful guitar replicating the vocalist in multiple sections of the song. This cut like the previous one

We now come to what has been the first single from the album, “Shot In The Dark”, where we find something more purely AC / DC. Rhythm, choruses with that badass air that only they are capable of transmitting. In short, a track that we can find in any album of the band, and we do not think it is bad for that.

The first big surprise comes with “Through The Mists Of Time” which is full of “different” moments. It is a much more melancholic cut than what the band has used to us. It starts with a choppy rhythm and rides on a beautiful melody to a very catchy chorus that also has backing vocals reminiscent of rock and roll from the 50s. I think it’s one of those songs that sometimes sneaks into AC / DC records. That goes outside the usual line but for the better and for me it remains on the podium of the best of this work.

“Kick You When You’re Down” takes up the cool, modern blues rock vibe that keeps your head and feet moving. The hook of the chorus and backing vocals along with a playful Rudd with the timpani make this cut another one to watch.

We reached the top of the album with the pure and dirty hard rock of “Witches Spell ‘ that would undoubtedly also be in the drawer of the three best songs on the album. From the first second you know that you are facing a great song.

And after this delicious aperitif we fall into “Demon Fire” which for me is the best of the album with a wilder and younger sound. A track that if we go easy we could say pulls “Whole Lotta Rosie”, but it goes much further. Angus plays with his blues riffs, Johnson has fun with different registers, the rhythm picks up, the choruses are terrific, and he just goes off the rails but in good measure. >

“Wild Reputation” lowers the revs a bit and takes us to the flatter sound of the band. It gives a bit of a downturn after what was experienced in the three previous tracks.

We continue with the low keystrokes on the next track, which nevertheless contributes much more. You can perceive certain nuances of Southern Rock this & nbsp; “No Man’s Land” which also has a good dose of power in its verses and again an interesting combination of voices and chorus.

Little by little the album picks up its pulse and “Systems Down” returns us to the path of the most classic AC / DC with a BRian who is fantastic, one of those that make Angus frolic around the stage and again some choirs where we seem to see Malcom waving his hair in front of the microphone.

”Money Shot” in the line of the previous cut, it is a good song although it probably is not one of those that you wear over and over again.

With “Code Red” is another story. This song provides a closing full of fire and brilliance as stated in its lyrics, for an album that in global terms leaves us very good feelings. & Nbsp;


I honestly believe that “Power Up” has not been made as a farewell album but as one more album in AC / DC’s career, paying homage to Malcom, respecting the essence of the band and leaving the door open to a production that It does not interfere with the core of this work but nevertheless provides it with the packaging and the electricity to make it live up to the title.



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