3FORCE Takes You on an Immersive Cyberpunk Journey with ‘Get Down


Step into a dystopian world where technology and human emotion collide with 3FORCE’s latest single, “Get Down”

3FORCE has returned with their latest single “Get Down,” offering an immersive cyberpunk experience. According to 3FORCE, this new musical release takes listeners on a cosmic journey, seamlessly blending energetic tempo and electronic guitar riffs. The pulsating beats and futuristic synths transport you to a dystopian world where technology and human emotion collide, creating a hauntingly beautiful sonic adventure.

This epic sonic journey combines elements of Synthwave, Electronic, and Dance Pop, creating a happy and energetic soundscape that evokes the feeling of a hero’s journey. The interplay between electronic guitars, synthesizers, and drums creates a vibrant and airy atmosphere, departing from the Darksynth sound that 3FORCE is known for and embracing a brighter tone.

3FORCE stands as trailblazers in the new wave of retro artists, skillfully merging modern EDM rhythms with retro synthesizers while infusing their music with a touch of science fiction. The Russian trio took the synthwave scene by storm with their electrifying debut album, “Intergalactic,” which effortlessly combined club-friendly beats with nostalgic melodies from the ’80s. This innovative approach firmly established 3FORCE as one of the most forward-thinking artists at the forefront of retro electronic music.

Fusing modern EDM rhythms with retro synthesizers and injecting the result with a shot of science fiction, 3FORCE stands as pioneers in the new generation of retro artists.

The Russian trio took the synthwave world by storm with their electrifying debut, Intergalactic, whose mix of club-friendly beats and ‘80s melodic nostalgia established them as one of the most innovative artists on the edges of retro electronic music.

3FORCE experienced a breakout moment with the release of their follow-up album, Resistance, earning them acclaim from synthwave and EDM audiences while racking up over a million streams on Spotify alone. In 2018, 3FORCE signed a multi-album deal with independent label FiXT, re-releasing their first two albums and embarking on a new creative path in the process. 

2019 was punctuated by a series of remarkable singles leading up to the group’s latest full-length recording Divide & Collide, released in January of 2020, a creatively ambitious effort featuring collabs with diverse artists including ScandroidMegan McDuffee, and Raizer. The warm reception to the release helped cement 3FORCE as one of the most popular artists creating cyberpunk music today.

In July of 2020, 3FORCE kicked off the release path to their next album with a brand new track, “Pursuit”, finished up the year with two new singles “The Watchers,” “Abyss” (feat. Scandroid) [Gancher & Ruin Remix], and rolled through 2021 with four new singles, “In The House In A Heartbeat,” scoring a feature on Dread Central, “Alpha Prophecy,” “Equiviolent,” which featured on FiXT’s flagship series Altered: Regeneration, and “Midnight Overdrive.” The trio also had seven songs featured on the video game Curved Space, an arcade style twin shooter, released in June 2021. 

“Get Down” is out now on all platforms from FiXT.


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