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Worm. New Track “Putrefying Swamp Mists at Dusk”


Worm Premiere New Track “Putrefying Swamp Mists at Dusk” From Upcoming New Album “Gloomlord”

Florida based duo Worm premiere a new track titled “Putrefying Swamp Mists at Dusk”, taken from their upcoming new album “Gloomlord”, which will be out in stores throuch Iron Bonehead on January 24th.

“It’s no surprise that Worm has always had it’s slow doomy moments, our last release was me trying to cram early Autopsy/Goatlord riffs in every song while maintaining that lo fi occultism,” reflects Fantomslaughter, via our recently resurrected email correspondence. “But when the idea of making a new album crossed my mind, I decided that I needed to make a complete descent into the impending gloom. At this time all that I was listening to was stuff like Thergothon/Skepticism/Disembowelment and it only made sense to try and take on the idea of making 100% Funeral Doom album from Worm’s perspective. Thus Gloomlord was born. I got the killer artwork from Yuri Kahan and just built a Lovecraftian world around it with Floridian swamp lore.



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