WITHIN TEMPTATION announces new single and new way for publishing


WITHIN TEMPTATION are ready to move forward with the times and plan a new way to develop and publish their music, they also announce a new single

Within Temptation embarks on a new adventure. In the fast-paced digital development society, it is possible to compose new songs and release them almost immediately to the public.

With this quick follow-up, the band will be able to enjoy their creative process without production or time restrictions and release their new songs in the blink of an eye.

Therefore, Within Temptation has changed its approach to releasing singles. The goal is to produce three singles per year and six singles every two years, concluding with a potential album release.

And also the band announces new single

We are very excited to announce that on May 8 we will launch a new theme ‘Entertain You’ !

We had planned to release this song during the Worlds Collide Tour , but now that it has been postponed we wanted to give you something else before the tour begins.

‘Entertain You ‘ will be streaming on platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Youtube.

Pre-book the song now and we’ll pick 50 fans who will receive a personal postcard and message from Sharon. Pre-book “Entertain You” here http: //www.lnk.to/wtey


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