With “Bait” THE PINPRICKS literally lay out the bait, will you swallow it?


THE PINPRICKS take a huge step forward with their new album “Bait” that emanates Rock and Roll on all 4 sides

Driven by the pithy rock tube of frontwoman Ronja, who performs with a lot of pressure and a hefty portion of wildness, shows that the newcomer hard rock band from Kiel (Germany) is already ready to face big stages and huge crowds, as they have done during their almost 100 performances so far, e.g. at big german festivals like the Open Flair Festival, the Kieler Woche, the Local Heroes national final or the support shows for e.g. The Brew (UK).

The press writes: “Ronja Kaminsky seems like a bastard daughter of Janis Joplin and Sheryl Crow, if such were biologically possible. Her grainy vocals and mesmerizing guitar solos turned every song into an instant hit.”

2018 their debut EP “Hunger” was released. Recorded at Boogie Park Studios Hamburg by Alex Henke, it reached 20.000 streams on Spotify and 50.000 streams on YouTube in a very short time.

If you believe the six tracks, the band is far from having reached the end of their journey.
In March 2020 the “Hunger” successor “Bait” was released and has reached more than 30.000 streams on Spotify so far.

The first single “Cast off Your Shadow” served as a harbinger and proved impressively what a big step the band has made in the last two years.

Eight songs with three music videos make you sit up and take notice. So writes Helder Martins from Guitar Scream: “With crisp and powerful guitar riffs with room for daydreams and solos by Ronja, which accompany her vocally just as powerfully and sharply, showing her whole ability as a great guitar artist.

At the end of listening to this album we had the feeling that we had a boxing match behind us where we got our asses kicked and had to relax a little…EXCELLENT!”

Don’t expect a haven of peace on this album, what you’re going to find is pure rock and a lot of kick-ass intention, so get comfortable and enjoy it. If you don’t believe me, listen below:


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